What Fence Design is Right For You?

Whenever your putting up a fence it truly is a big investment for your home. This type of investment should be undertaken wisely with the right advice and right choices, particularly when it comes to designs, types and materials. While your designs need to be functional, they also must look good and complement your home.
Over the years we have come up with some advice for people looking to put fences up.
1)  The style of your house: This is very important because the style and material you want for a Victorian is different to a Georgian. Just like a Federation is different to a contemporary. Having the right type of design that complements your home is very important. Now because we are a custom fencing company we can help you custom make a design to suit your home. Whether you want Steel, Aluminium or Aluminium Slat we can alter an existing style to better match your home. This however doesn’t take away the fact that there are some standard panels available if you are after them.
2)  Colour: While some people prefer to make you the fence a feature point of your home some want it to lend in with its surroundings. This will depend largely on the on the colour you choose. When you are considering the colour you can try matching it to your roof, wall or window.
3) Material: Aluminium, Steel, Wrought Iron or Colorbond? Each has benefits and impressive end results. When choosing a material think about what you want, what budget you have and what purpose it may serve.
4) Security Additions: A perimeter fence is a good deterrent for unwanted guests as well as keeping your pets and children inside. You may want to consider adding a video intercom or security lock for added peace of mind. It’s all these little products that can turn your fence into a work of art.
Now lastly be creative, come to our factory to have a chat and see what we can suggest to you. A fence can be very spectacular for your home so make sure you choose the right one!