Aluminium Slats for Your Privacy

No one likes to feel exposed in your own home? Truthfully no one likes to be exposed and everyone craves some privacy, however you don’t want to be walling yourself away by installing a privacy fence. As more and more people desire privacy, the options become more and more. While there are many choices however the best material in our opinion is aluminium slats. For more information on this awesome product you should come down to our factory at 443 old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing.

Why Do I Need A Privacy Fence?

There can be several reasons why you might need a privacy fence or privacy screen for your home. It could be that you live on a busy road and you don’t want passersbys to see into your outdoor entertaining areas or the home itself. Or it could be that you live very close to your neighbours in a duplex setting and you just want your outdoor spaces to be private. Or it can be for the simplest reason, that in today’s society everything is moving so fast that at the end of the day you just want a space that is completely yours. Whatever the reason may be, privacy fences and privacy screens are the solution.

What to Look for in a Privacy Fence

Like the name implies the number one thing that you want to look for, is PRIVACY! You want a fence that people can’t see through but also with some gaps so you don’t feel like you are walling yourself in. Also you want a fence that is decently sized so that passersby and neighbours can’t simply look over it. Finally you want a fence that is attractive and suit your home. Privacy fences are designed to give you privacy but not overwhelm you so you feel like you cant escape.

Options in Privacy Fences-with so many options out there people are sometimes overwhelmed by choices, in our years of doing fencing we have found that the most popular and effective material is our very own aluminium slats. These slats come in mill finish as well as wood look, the wood look slats are very popular because they have the look of wood which gives off that warm affinity and yet it requires none of the cleaning. We have done many properties with this material especially in the hoppers crossing, werribee, laverton, point cook and greater Melbourne areas. The design is beautiful the material is refreshing, don’t hesitate come in and see us today!