Aluminium Slat Fencing – A Growing Style with Growing Options

EverLast Fencing has redesigned its aluminium slats in order to reinforce the slats and still maintain the good look. The way we have done this is by adding a rung in the middle in the interior; the additional strength in the slats makes them suitable for both commercial and residential homes.

While we do sell pre made panels we still prefer to do custom made. This allows us to modify the panels to your needs such as the gaps, the height, and the size of the frame. Also because the way we designed the slats we make them easy DIY as it is. If you’re concerned about the difficulty of installation don’t hesitate to visit us and ask us for help.

EverLast Fencing’s Aluminium Slats Fencing comes in a variety of wood look and mill finished colours and sizes. Popular colours include black, white, primrose, western red cedar, jarrah, bush cherry and many more. The wood look is a little bit more pricy than the mill finished ones but they are of a higher quality.

Our modified Aluminium Slats is strong enough to dissuade criminals from getting onto the property; the slats are very difficult to break without using machinery tools. This is what allows our slats to be used for commercial properties as well as high rises. They can withstand the environment as well as offer protection.

Now what a lot of people don’t realise for boundary fences between neighbours is that the fence is not used for segregation. It is used to allow both sides to have privacy, this allows neighbours to have their own peace of mind when they each desire. Also this allows pets to be kept in place so they pets don’t wonder around.