Pet-friendly garden – beginner guide

When you have a pet, your garden becomes your pet’s favourite activity space. Especially puppies are usually curious and like to dig holes, sniff around or urinate on the lawn, if they accidentally dig or eat toxic substances, the consequences can be very serious.


Here are some tips that can take into account the landscape of the garden, but also let your pet play happily and safely.

1. Create a space for your pet’s exclusive activities

Because animals love to explore, you can design paths in your gardens, such as sand or bark to separate spaces for your pet to play. Besides, you can design a sandpit or plant some plants that are suitable for your pet to play with, such as willow trees or manzanita that sway in the wind to bring some entertainment to your pet.

2. Fencing

Some dogs will dig holes under the fence to get out, and others can jump high enough to get out of the fence. If you find that your dog has these characteristics, your fence should be designed to be strong and high enough.

3. Avoid plants that are harmful to pets

Avoid planting “poisonous plants” in your garden that are harmful to your pet’s health, such as lilies. All varieties of lilies can be fatal to pets, for example, cats may suffer kidney failure if they accidentally eat lilies. Other “poisonous plants” include daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, spring crocuses and iris. Eating any part of the plant can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and drooling in pets, with bulbs being the most toxic.

In addition to flowers, it is also harmful to pets to ingest large amounts of garlic, chives, fine parsnips and onions. Tomato plants and unripe tomatoes may cause vomiting and heart disease in dogs.

If you notice any abnormal reaction in your dog at home, it is best to contact your veterinarian immediately. It is also recommended to prepare some pet first aid items at home.

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