Maintaining your lawn – beginner guide

Lawns are an essential part of almost every Australian home with a yard. Lawn maintenance, in fact, is the most frequent and time-consuming of all garden maintenance.


Here are some useful tips for lawn maintenance.

When the grass looks dull and greyish-blue, it needs watering. Also, leaves that start to curl up instead of being upright are a sign that water is needed.

Overwatering is another problem, which can lead to mould and fungal diseases, so it’s important to know your lawn.

In order for your lawn to look great all the time, it is necessary to understand the needs of your lawn in each season.

Spring and summer

Spring is a good time to loosen the soil, which can be done with a garden fork or push roller. Allowing the grass to breathe by puncturing the soil to a depth of about 5 mm will help water and fertilizer reach the roots.

In spring and summer, lawns should be mowed weekly. Mowing promotes grass growth, but not upward growth, which makes the grass look thicker and has a nice consistent green colour.


However, in autumn, fertilizing grass has great benefits which could keep grass good and healthy during the winter.

Ideally, lawns should also be fertilized during the spring to promote grass growth and good colour. When purchasing weed killers, be aware that they must be appropriate for your type of lawn or they will ruin it.


In the winter the grass slows down to a dormant state and looks yellow, so mowing times need to be reduced.


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