Mediterranean-style courtyard

The Mediterranean-style courtyard has been a demand in the home improvement industry in recent years. One of the greatest appeals of this style comes from its colour combinations: snow-white walls, potted pots filled with flowers, and tiled gardens that evoke distinct imagery!

So, people might be wondering,  how do the gardens look?

Mediterranean garden design can include several elements:

-open lawns
-finely-manicured trees
-three-dimensional greenery with flowers
-plants and vines on the ground
-walls and timbers
-hand-painted white plaster walls
-navy blue roof tiles
-continuous arcades
-arches and ceramic tiles.

Overall, garden design and layout are crucial! For those needing a guide, Everlast Services will introduce a few elements tips for your needs:

1. Mediterranean-style courtyard pavements

First, the flooring material can be either unpolished rough stone slabs or rustic tiles. Gravel is suitable for more casual settings, to fill in edges and areas where there is less movement. Large pebbles can be used to create curving lines and decorate pathways. The courtyard and inner courtyard are generally paved with ceramic tiles, machined tiles, or stones.

2. Mediterranean-style structures

Some representative decorative structures in the courtyard include wall fences and lattice trellises, which can be used to support climbing plants and create a secluded and shady environment. Seats are often upholstered in traditional colours and cushioned with wood for a softer effect. Wood, rattan, and metal are the most common decorative materials used in the garden.

3. Choosing plants

Cacti, succulents, palms and conifers are common plants in the garden, while figs and grapes are also popular with gardeners. Trellises – one of the typical features of a Mediterranean garden. In addition, trellises with climbing plants such as foliage flowers and white jasmine are also classic plants for the Mediterranean garden. 

All these tips will help to create your own Mediterranean-style courtyard, imagine how relaxing it would be to live in one! However, designing and decorating a courtyard can be time and energy-consuming. If you are pressed for time, then simply check out Everlast Services. Our team of experienced landscapers will create your ideal outdoor living space at Altona, Laverton and Truganina.