Vertical garden: 3 ways to decorate it

The vertical garden is an environmentally friendly, green layer of wall that adds an aspect of privacy for your landscape.

It is definitely cost and space-efficient for those with a small garden!

For plant-lovers wanting to DIY their own vertical wall, Everlast Services had experience designing and consulting clients to tailor their garden and comfort according to their needs.

Here are some tips for a perfect vertical garden design:

Plants for vertical wall gardens, select them well! 

The most important aspect of a garden is plants! Firstly, choose them with a long-term maintenance goal in mind. In addition, each plant care requirement is different. Lastly, you want plants to suit your lifestyle and aesthetic taste.

The most common vertical wall plants are succulents. Succulents are small, thriving and low maintenance, recommended for those with limited time to maintain their garden.

Ferns are good plants with a high tolerance for humidity and dry weather, making them valuable for plant collection!

Lastly, plants like Bromeliads consume less space due to their size and shallow roots making it easier to maintain them. 


Vertical garden wall location is important! 

Location is what thrives the plants. Because without the right humidity and soil, there is less chance of them sprouting and growing steadily! 

Factors include microclimates that affect different species of plants which may hinder the growth rate. Seek to improve their nutrient intake and resources by placing them into different positions of sunlight to absorb vitamins. 


Vertical garden structure 

The main importance of structure allows plants to grow easier against the wall, which is the cornerstone of vertical planting. Consequently, consider getting several hanging baskets and installing an irrigation system for watering. This can be done with a rope pulley system, which simplifies the process of vertical watering. 


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