Improved Protection with a Proper Pool Fencing


Pool fencing is a way of maintaining safety in order to reduce the number of drowning incidents among young kids. This is the most direct method and greatly prevents serious immersion injuries caused to children as well as accident that may occur for intoxicated people. The owner of the pool has the responsibility to effectively meet the fencing regulations and safety standard required. It is therefore recommended that the fence should be installed by a qualified professional so it done right the very first time. We believe with years of experience we can call ourselves the fencing experts and therefore we feel we are qualified to give out recommendations to suit your pool.


Everlast fencing are pool fencing specialists in the local Melbourne area, we are known for our high quality steel pool fencing products. While aluminium is the most common and cost effective ,we feel the best material to use in pool fencing is still steel.  Not only is the material stronger it is also custom made in our factory so we have the final say so in quality control. 


Some customers ask why the pool fencing needs to be a tubular design, this is because it allows a greater amount of vision. This allows adults to see what is happening in the pool and stop tragedies before it is too late.


For customers who prefer to do DIY there are some simple steps I would suggest.


Measure the Area and Purchase The Appropriate Fencing Material:

You always need to measure out the area exactly and write down questions you may have for us. We are always more than happy to help you out.

Sizing Sticks:

You can make some sticks at sized such as 2 meters, 2.5 meters just to give you an idea of what it would look like and what size panels may best suit you.

Marking the door position

A lot of people actually don’t realise that the fencing should always be based around the gate. The gate is the one feature that should be decided before hand so they are in position. Once the gate is up you can proceed to do the rest of the fence.