Top Benefits of Pool Fencing

A pool fence is also known by other names such as child guard fencing, pool barriers, safety fencing etc. They can come in a variety of powder coated colours but most commonly they come in black.

Everlast Fencing is a Melbourne based fencing specialist, we can do both Aluminum and steel pool fencing. Since 2000 Everlast Fencing has developed a culture of supplying quality fences in a variety of designs such as slats, aluminium panels, custom steel panels etc. All of our fencing designs comply with Australian Standards Association’s AS 1926* and D52820* standards. We are a customized fencing specialists in Melbourne and we are dedicated to high quality fencing.

Australian law mandates that households need to ensure pool safety standards, however this doesn’t mean it has to look bad. Aluminium slat fencing is the best solution in terms of maximize aesthetic as well as ensuring moral integrity of swimming pool security and safety. While certain laws present sets the standard for the fence it does not mean that it will look ugly and ruin the beautiful swimming pool

The major consideration when installing a pool fence is the safety of the children. The standards in Australia stipulate that the fence must not be possible to be climbed and the gate lock can’t be accessible by anybody under 1.2 meters of height.

If you were comparing our pool fencing safety products you find that they are far superior to our competitors due to our care. We stand behind our product and our installation team, we believe we will deliver the best product and service.