Aluminum Slat Fencing – The Future of Fencing

Aluminium slats are in our views the future material of the fencing industry, it is durable, clean, low maintenance, cost effective and most important of all it looks fantastic! Slat Fencing are used for boundary fencing, privacy screens and for segregation fencing for specific areas. Fences made of aluminium are not only ideal for boundary fencing; they are also very popular for pool fencing, this is because they are very water resistant and rustproof. Everlast Fencing’s Aluminium Slats Fencing easily rivals other companies fences made out of any other materials in style and with a large difference in benefits. There are a couple of point to demonstrate the difference



With aluminium fencing, you get quality material that is lightweight, and easy to work with. With the weight been so light it put less pressure on to posts and make gates and panels lighter overall. This is far better compared to wood palings or hardwood as the weight will drop the gate over time.

Cost Effective

While the material is more expensive than wood palings it is cheaper than standard hardwood. They are cost effective because the material will last for a long long time without the problem of warping and shrinking. This is like a one off investment you make and then it just looks good forever.
Lоw Maintenance

Slat fencing does not need to be repainted oiled or clean every year. The material itself withstands heat, rusting and pests. If you need to clean the fence just simply spray it with water. So not only is the material affordable; but it gives you the best value for your money. You also gain peace of mind that your fence will serve you well in the years to come without you having to raise a finger.


Aluminium slat fencing is quality controlled to last a long time because the material is proven to withstand scratches, moisture, pests, UV damage, and the harshest weather conditions. These products come with a 10 year product warranty that rivals colourbond fences!