Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Who said pots are the only things you can use to plant flowers? The ideas are limitless. You may have little things lying around the house that you don’t think can be reused. But, more often than not, they actually can! Check out our list of ideas below!

1. Colander

A little odd but why not? Do you have a colander that isn’t being used anymore? Use it to plant little flowers or succulents. Colanders already come with drainage holes so you won’t have to worry about drilling one in. Colanders are also bright in colour. Therefore, they will no doubt be a creative and quirky touch to your garden. All eyes will be drawn to it!

2. Bird Bath

Unused bird baths are a great way to transform your garden. They add another layer of dimension and height to your outdoor living space and they also come in unique shapes and designs. Mix and match flowers in the baths to add a splash of colour or keep it monotone with one colour palette. Either way, birdbaths will be a strong focal point in your garden! You can also add cascading plants that can drape over to create that waterfall-like effect

3. Birdcage with Hanging Planter

A birdcage planter will add a whimsical touch to your outdoor space. The vintage look of these planters adds a gorgeous contrast to the lush greenery it holds making it a fantastic piece of decoration. You can add real plants or if you’d like, you can also use faux plants for convenience and ease of maintenance. Just make sure that the birdcage is clean and rust-free. In addition, reinforce the planter for added security as it will become heavy with the addition of plants, soil and water.

Being environmentally friendly is key. There are a lot of things that can be reused instead of thrown away. All these ideas add a creative flair to your garden. But if you’re short on time and would like someone to take care of your landscaping needs, then look no further than Everlast Services. We have experienced landscapers too, that will work with you to create your perfect outdoor living space.