Fencing Ideas to Block Out Your Neighbours

Whether you have loud neighbours or high-rise apartments nearby, our fencing ideas will block out your neighbours for extra security and privacy.

Fencing is an essential part of any property or family home. But as the population grows and people live closer and more densely, a fence can be crucial.

Have you ever put much thought into the range of fences available to choose from? At Everlast Services, we go above and beyond to workshop ideas with you and bring the best to life. While a classic red brick fence does the trick, we want to inject as much life as we can into your property.

But never fear, the team at Everlast Services is here! There’s no need to be too overwhelmed by the many types of fencing available to choose from.

Our broad range of fencing ideas can be tailored to block out all neighbours, threats and sounds.

Heavy Duty Fencing

It might sound like you’re building a fortress, but our customisable iron and steel fencing can really add some beauty to your property.

There is no doubt that steel has become more popular in recent time. It affords extra durability and security, and can be designed to suit nearly any type of property façade. Steel fencing works with many heritage-listed homes, modern villas and everything in between.

We use wrought iron or steel fencing for our industrial and commercial clients, so we know about the security and privacy benefits that these fences have to offer.

Our talented team will listen to you and help create your vision. Depending on your home, and budget, we’re proud to offer both galvanised and tubular steel fencing.

If steel or iron is too much for you, an aluminium picket fence is also an Australian favourite! They’re easy to maintain, and are unaffected by extreme sun, rain or winds.

Modular Fencing

If you’ve never heard of modular fencing, you’re not alone. But they’re sleek visual appeal will give you security and the wow factor your property needs.

At Everlast Services, we love the flexibility and style that modular fencing has to offer. Their soundproofing options mean you won’t have to worry about any noises coming from your neighbours.

They’re also less intensive to erect, which means you save on installation and material costs.

Keep it Natural

If you want to create your own private sanctuary – where the kids can play, and you can read your book – then landscaped fencing could be for you.

A themed trellis, or a bright green hedge are excellent fencing ideas that will still block your neighbours out. They’re natural elegance will provide the perfect place to isolate yourself in the fresh air.

If you’re looking for something a little sturdier, bamboo stalks are an excellent addition to your back fence. They can be backed or even framed onto stained wood and add a thematic touch to your garden.


Wooden fences are a classic, but have you ever thought about changing their look for extra privacy? Our wooden fences are far from ordinary, we offer elegant lattice privacy screens and wooden sleepers to maximise your privacy.

We use solid wood to bring durability to your property, instead of planks that many traditional homes may have. Our wide horizontal boards can be fitted with planters and vertical gardens to add some natural life to your garden.

Alternatively, we can add some painted trellis’ with flowers and vines to spruce up your fence and add another layer of privacy to your garden.

Wood is also a great material to use for privacy screens along your back fence. Our uniquely-sized cedar woods planks, or horizontal and coloured wooden planks can be the perfect addition to any type of home.

Best of Both Worlds?

If you can’t make up your mind between our options, a brick infill fence could be for you. These diverse options strike the perfect balance between enough visibility for you, and plenty of privacy to keep your neighbours at length.

Depending on what type of home you use, there are options to pair brick pillars with steel pickets. But for modern homes, a stone or steel rendered pillar can add some more character to your property. The options are truly endless.

Our custom built fences work with your property – whether it’s brick or weatherboard – to maximise its appeal and keep your family safe.

Keen To Put A Fence Up?

The experienced team at Everlast knows the ins and outs of building a fence to suit your needs. With in-depth knowledge and experience, we can transform your property with our range of fencing supplies and services.

We are pleased to be offering virtual quotes during COVID-19. We also have payment plans, which means there’s no need to delay your project.

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