Landscaping Ideas to Block Out Your Neighbours

Do you need landscaping ideas to make your garden a private paradise and block out your neighbours? The team at Everlast Services can help to increase privacy in your backyard with cheap screening ideas to cut yourself off from the outside world.

You may want to enjoy the sun in your backyard, or let the kids play while you’re preparing lunch. Whatever the reason, it’s not uncommon to want some privacy from your neighbours.

Instead of installing a high fence that blows the budget and doesn’t match the rest of your backyard, a landscaped garden can add a natural layer of privacy to your property. It can also elevate your space for increased comfort and serenity, and impress your guests.

These screening ideas can be modified to block out neighbours on all sides, and suit any unique space.

Screen of Green

There is no better way to escape your busy suburb and bring some more privacy to your backyard than with beautiful evergreen trees and vertical gardens.

No matter if it’s your balcony, or a private terrace, a vertical garden wall is a cheap way to block your neighbours view and add a nice touch of elegance to your surroundings.

There are many tips and tricks for a green screen but the most important element is the soil and how the plants are arranged.

Aside from screening your neighbours out, a vertical garden can also provide beautiful scenery and excellent insulation along the back fence. It can also protect your property from direct sunlight, which is essential in summer.

At Everlast Services, our professional team know how to install a vertical garden fitted with an irrigation system with ease.

But if a vertical garden is not you, then a series of garden hedges are the way to go! They are a lot easier to maintain than you may think, and their natural beauty will guarantee that you have complete privacy.

Over the Top

As major cities become denser and more populated, it’s no surprise to have apartment blocks peeping over your backyard. If you find yourself in this position, and still want the serenity and privacy of your own backyard, an overhead structure can block out your neighbours view from upstairs.

It might sound over the top, and it literally is! From verandas to pergolas, our team can build the ultimate backyard getaway with a solid structure for your garden.

An overhead structure can take you out of your home office and into the fresh air without any concerns about privacy from your neighbours above. While they’re not necessarily part of everyone’s budget you’ll get plenty out of it, as they provide an excellent entertaining space for your guests.

But if you don’t have the space or budget for such a big structure, we can also install an arbour and feed roses or bright green vines through. This means you can enjoy your breakfast, or a barbeque outside without any of your high-rise neighbours looking down on you.

Focal Point Wall

You might have neighbours on all corners of your backyard, but what about noisy neighbours? If this sounds like your backyard experience then a focal point wall with an accompanying water feature can silence all surrounding noise.

Water features don’t have to be luxury items, they are affordable and can add some tranquillity to your garden. Above all, they can form little droplets on surrounding lily pads and lead into a fishpond.

If you don’t have the space or the budget, wall planters and some elegant lighting can still bring a new dimension to your backyard. Together, this new habitat is the perfect way to screen your neighbours out.

Privacy Screens

If none of these ideas do it for you, then we suggest selecting from our extensive range of privacy screens. Garden screens are cost-effective and can be designed to suit whatever garden or outdoor setting you may have.

Think about the benefits of a beautifully crafted square lattice screen, or staggered wooden sleepers, and even a painted trellis’. They can all provide a layer of privacy in your garden without blowing the budget.

They can also surprise your guests as spectacular feature when matched with local plants and ornaments.

Everlast Services offer a huge range of colours, looks and styles. Depending on your garden, you can choose from a North African appeal, a simple Japanese flavour, or even a piece of the Mediterranean.

Privacy screens are also perfect for backyards with a pool. Everyone wants privacy when they’re swimming in their backyard. That’s why we guarantee that our pool landscaping meets regulations, and still looks perfect!

Make These Landscaping Ideas to Block Out Your Neighbours A Reality

Make the most out of winter and prepare your backyard for spring. The team at Everlast Services has over 20 years of experience in landscaping simple, unique and complex gardens for complete privacy.

We know how to make your landscaping ideas to block out your neighbours a reality. Contact us today!