3 Ways Landscaping Can Improve the Value of Your Home

If you’re thinking of selling your home, don’t neglect the exterior. Take up Everlast Services’ advice on 3 ways landscaping can improve the value of your home.

Trees, beautifully crafted gardens, colourful plants, outdoor settings and fencing can all notch up a great price for your property. In fact, research shows that homeowners will receive a 109 per cent return on every single dollar of landscaping spent.

That’s a pretty good deal to give your front and back gardens some life, isn’t it?

Green for Elegance

It’s no secret that luscious gardens, pristine lawns and streets of sweeping trees are a drawcard for potential buyers and investors.

Pristine Lawn

If you want to add value to your property sale, pay close attention to your lawn edgings and neaten them up. A well-defined lawn gives the illusion that a garden is low maintenance. This will seduce potential buyers and showcase just how simple it is to maintain a great lawn.

Don’t forget to remove weeds and other garden pesticides to bring the best out of your patch.

Plants Amore

Next, it’s time to add some planters. Take the time to think about the environment and what you want to achieve. Plants can create a beautiful visual barrier between neighbours and complement existing garden structures. Don’t forget to prune and mulch any plantation areas for a nice finish. Also, don’t be afraid to add some colour with a range of pots and flowers too!

If you’re after a simpler approach, then a short lilly pilly hedge along your driveway can invite visitors in and add pristine value. The opportunities for garden hedging and plants are endless. Don’t forget to consider installing a simple sprinkler system to keep maintenance low and your plants in perfect condition.

Fencing for Privacy

In today’s world, where high-rises are popping up and peeping over your property, a secure fence grants privacy and security for your home. It’s also something that buyers look when their hunting for homes.

Privacy Screens

Windows are a great selling point for any home, they bring in natural light and add some life to your home. But in some instances, windows can also be intrusive.

Garden screens or vertical gardens are easy to maintain, and offer extended privacy to your home. They also strike great appeal for guests who walk out onto your decking and into your backyard.

A trellis with intertwining roses or vines is also a great and cost effective idea to add onto any existing fencing, and still adds an extra layer of privacy.

Creative Spots

If the space and budget permits, you can also add a water feature and a Japanese inspired garden with a pond. This will block out sound from your neighbours and attract buyers who love the great outdoors and a backyard getaway!

A feature garden on the side of your home is also very attractive. We can install a veggie patch, a water fountain and other exciting additions to tempt future buyers.

Check out our range of value-adding fencing supplies, which will match the current architecture for your home, and add a new layer of beauty.

Spaces for Entertaining

Everyone loves a good old fashioned Australian barbeque, or maybe even some backyard cricket? That’s why outdoor spaces for the adults and kids are a major selling point for buyers.

Everlast Services are well positioned to offer an extensive range of outdoor living solutions that will boost your property’s value and provide for endless evenings as the sun goes down.

Guest Spaces

Outdoor entertaining spaces are a must have for any property on the market, they produce wow factor and give guests the perfect place to relax in the fresh air. If you have the budget, a rotunda or veranda can spruce up the backyard and provide the perfect spot for outdoor eating and entertaining.

If you’re on a tight budget, then a simple backyard deck with some in-built planters and lighting can provide prospective buyers with the perfect space for their morning coffee.

Children Friendly

It’s important to consider young children when designing and landscaping. Children love playing outdoors, and a fresh lawn is the perfect place for that. But it’s also worth considering a play area, like a sandpit or visible paving for children to add their chalk creations!

Don’t forget about incorporating a canopy and other sun smart tricks to make sure your kids are protected during the warmer months.

Want To Get The Best Value For Your Home?

There you have it, our advice on the top 3 ways landscaping can improve the value of your home.

With over 20 years’ experience dealing with Australian made products, the team at Everlast Services is well equipped to add value to your home. We know the tricks of the trade to bring elegance, style and luxury to your home and surprise potential buyers and guests.

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