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Choosing a concrete driveway

Concrete driveways are favoured materials and for good reason. It is durable and requires very little maintenance. Concrete is certainly more expensive than gravel and asphalt driveways, but it costs less than using a paver driveway (brick, cobblestone, or concrete). Plain concrete has a very monotonous appearance, but it can be coloured and stamped to

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Driveway guide: for beginner

There are many exterior aspects of your property you need to focus on, like landscaping, fencing, decking, the driveway sometimes gets neglected. However, a good driveway has a major influence on the appearance of your house which affects the total value and provides a good return on investment. Having a great driveway provides you with

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Concrete VS Cement

Concrete VS Cement Concrete vs cement: What is the difference between concrete and cement? Most blokes have no idea what the difference between these two are, but today Everlast Services will explain the difference so you can get a better understanding. What is Cement? One of the four primary elements in concrete is cement, which

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Pavement Concrete

Pavement concrete: The ultimate guide for your house

Pavement concrete is the gateway to beautiful house landscapes. Without pavement concrete, our house path would be dull and not colorful as usual. There are few tips for having beautiful concrete pavement and what to look out for. Pavement concrete needs high endurance While making your concrete pavement looks nice, be aware that endurance is

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Pointed Metal Fence

Purpose of a Fence

Adding a fence will not only add a layer of protection to your home but can also add an attractive element to your property. Installing a fence is a long term investment, therefore it is important to make sure that the choice made is durable and can stand the test of time! Still on the

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Avoiding the Pitfalls For Concrete Curing

Have you ever wondered what happens after long hours of building and cementing your concrete pavement? Well, it goes through a process known as the curing period (also known as the drying period). This is the most important stage of concrete installation as it starts to build durability through the hardening process. However, the process

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DIY Concrete Sins

DON’T SKIP CONTROL JOINTS IN CONCRETE SLABS: The goal of all concrete installation is to produce a high-quality product that resists cracking. While curing concrete will go a long way toward strengthening the finished project, many concrete slabs will crack anyway — despite all precautions DON’T SUBJECT NEW CONCRETE TO EXCESSIVE WEIGHT: Although concrete will

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maintaining a concrete driveway

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining a Concrete Driveway in Summer

We’re in the thick of summer now. So, chances are your driveway is copping a fair dose of those intense UV rays. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure your concrete driveway isn’t left to suffer the consequences of a scorching Australian summer. Leave it to the Everlast experts to produce this ultimate

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concreting faqs answered

Your Concreting FAQs: Answered

Want your concreting FAQs answered? You’re in the right place! Concreting is one of the many construction services we provide at Everlast Services. From the excavation to pouring to sealing and clean up, our experienced and capable contractors will take care of everything for you. We’ve compiled some of our frequently asked questions to help

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why you should seal your concrete driveway

Why You Should Seal Your Concrete Driveway

Are you wondering why you should seal your concrete driveway? Are you contemplating whether it’s worth investing the time and money involved in sealing it? While concrete driveways are the most durable of their kind, they aren’t invincible. Years of wear and tear from heavy tyre tread, constant foot traffic and exposure to the elements

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