Common DIY Sprinkler System Installation Mistakes

Installing or upgrading a sprinkler system for your lawn and flower beds is a wise investment. You’ll enjoy many benefits, including regular watering schedules and a healthy, vibrant landscape. Of course, it’s tempting to tackle DIY sprinkler system installation for you can save some bucks. However, the process may be not that perfect than you imagine. Here are some of the most common mistakes we see people make when they take this on themselves. Keep it in mind and hope you have your perfect DIY Sprinkler System Installation.

Installing Sprinkler Heads Too Far Apart 

It actually can kill your grass if every bit of your lawn doesn’t get water. All irrigation heads have a maximum throwing distance. Make sure you have head-to-head coverage, so every inch of your lawn gets the water it needs to thrive.

Forgetting a Rain Sensor

A rain sensor will turn off your irrigation system if it’s raining. It saves you from paying for water your lawn doesn’t need. It also saves embarrassment. It looks pretty dumb when your irrigation system is chugging away during a downpour.

Watering Grass & Flowers Together

You might think that aiming the same sprayers at your lawn, trees, and your flower beds will help save you money. However, this could be the thing that kills both your grass and your flowers. Shrubs, trees, and perennial flowers have deep root systems that spread well beyond your flower bed. So, avoid overwatering your flower beds and trees, and focus mainly on watering your grass.

Digging Without Checking

Throughout your yard, essential gas and electrical lines are leading to and from your home. If you take on sprinkler installation yourself, you could dig too close or too deep to these lines. Cutting a gas line is especially dangerous, and it could put your entire neighborhood at risk. Additionally, you could get electrocuted or electrify your sprinkler system without even knowing it. This risk is just one you shouldn’t take and is why you should leave the installation to the professionals.

Low-quality Components

Like most things, irrigation system components come in varying levels of quality. It’s tempting to save money by using off-brand components. But again, like most things, you get what you pay for. Sp we sincerely suggest choosing valves, heads, and controllers for the best quality.

Not Using Expert Design 

Good sprinkler system installation starts with expert design. A big part of skilled design is planning irrigation zones. Each area of your yard gets divided into sections called zones, set up so every part of your landscaping gets the perfect amount of water for its unique needs. Bad design can mean you waste hundreds to thousands of gallons of water each year. It’s not great for your lawn’s health, either.

These are the common mistakes and remember to avoid them. Also, you can count on us Everlast Service. We can get your landscaping expertly watered. And our skills don’t stop there. We’re with you every step of the way as you plan your perfect outdoor space.