Creative Pergola Ideas to Update Your Outdoor Space

Offering shade and style, a pergola is a great way to add beauty and function to your yard. Place one over a deck, patio, or corner of your backyard, and it will provide shelter from the sun, rain, and wind while creating an inviting outdoor room. Here are some pergola ideas to help you find the best design for your backyard.

In general, pergolas can be designed to different kind of forms as you like, such as: incandescent lighting for nighttime lounging, retractable grommet curtains for privacy, picturesque box planters or hanging planter filled with fragrant herbs or flowers, and ornate trellises for fast growing vines to climb. Here are some pergola ideas to help you find the best design for your backyard.

Pergola Ideas for Privacy and Personalized

Typically, pergolas stick to traditional beams with open space in between and a grid or slat-like top. However, adding walls to the structure for some privacy can be seen nowadays. What’s more, you can also add a set of curtains that can be pulled closed when you need some alone time or left open when you want to enjoy the beautiful day.

Enhance A Balcony With A Pergola

Pergolas can be used in outside areas large or small, perfect for balcony ideas. The overhead canopy can be useful in providing privacy. It can also offer cover from sun, wind or rain if you want to enjoy beautiful scenic views from an elevated spot in a country garden setting. Plus, hanging a string of simple bulb lights from the structure will add light to the space to extend its use into the evening.

Pergola Ideas for Decks

From a basic wooden deck into a stunning outdoor space, a pergola is perfect. With climbing vines to offer additional shade and add a natural element to the design, hanging outdoor string lights, the pergola can make your dinners even more enjoyable.

Create A Shaded Seating Area

Pergola ideas can work well as both patio cover ideas in sunny spots, or placed in shady spots, depending what time of day you will use it the most. So it is important to get the proportions right. You need to consider what you want to do under the pergola and make sure you have enough space.

Use Natural Materials

While pergolas are typically made out of wood, other accents added can make all the difference. So we can choose natural materials to decorate it. For example, the shade at the top is provided by reed mats that can easily be added or removed for convenience. The added texture from the mats gives the space a much more relaxed feeling.

Pergola Pathway

A pergola can path through the garden to create a shaded and scented tunnel. You can create a sense of romance with where you choose to place your pergola ideas and clothe the structure in fast growing flowering vines or evergreen climbers for an added dimension.

 Try a Metal Pergola

Usually, wood is the common material to create a gorgeous pergola. Actually, use other options include fiberglass, vinyl, or even galvanized metal can also make your pergola much more stunning. Also, metal is having a unique yard feature and a long lifespan.

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