Simple DIY Concrete Bench Ideas To Make

It is always a good idea to head over to low-cost alternatives, bypass expensive outdoor luxury furniture by making DIY furniture at home! Concrete projects will be an ideal choice to set high standards of visual grace to your patios, garden, park, and lawns! The DIY concrete benches will last really long and due to their minimalist designs, they will be a smart choice for modern outdoor furniture!

For concrete benches inspirations, the following easy DIY concrete bench ideas that will award a totally new gorgeous look to your outdoor benches! Along with redefining the aesthetics of your fine outdoors, they will also be a great help to accomplish your outdoor sitting space desires in a prudent way!

DIY Stone Inlay Concrete Bench

Stability is the most important factor for the outdoor furniture furnishings, for they have to withstand the harsh outdoor weather! So, choose the concrete medium also to build lasting longer benches for your outdoor! Make this arched-shaped concrete bench using plywood molds, has a stone inlay and looks great with the durable concrete block legs having holes in them!

Make Concrete Garden Bench

This one is going to be pretty simple to make, a solid block style garden bench will surely impress! Make a U-shape wood mold and fill the concrete in it, smoothen the surfaces using the concrete level tools! Take the bench out after it gets dried well!

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  • DIY Corner Bench
  • Pallet Sofa

Modern DIY Concrete and Redwood Bench

You will love the way it will look at your patio providing comfortable seating to your guests and family members! Again, build the slim concrete blocks, with a little raised bud in the center, will be durable legs of your bench! Next, arrange the solid wood planks to build bench berth and enjoy!

Adorable DIY Concrete Block Bench

Building durable outdoor benches with the concrete blocks and wooden planks, is becoming a trend! You can also build them with the backrest positions, will be loved dearly by all the outdoor lovers! Stack cinder blocks and then pass the square wood beams straight through them and build an outdoor bench with backrest as you can see!

DIY Chevron Inspired Concrete Bench

Do you really feel passionate about the chevron effect and decors? Here is a way to bring a chevron effect to any of your outdoor! Build tis chevron concrete bench, will only demand a chevron mold that you can easily build using wooden boards! A stunning design of bench to duplicate at home!