Benefits of Installing Steel Fencing

Like denim, the steel picket fence has been around eons and still it has never lost its touch. For a more secure home, a galvanized steel fence can be extremely useful. It is stronger than aluminium fencing and aluminium slats, and the material also suits certain types of home better.

Steel picket fences are especially suited to home owners who want to have a large gap but still want to secure the property; steel is also more suitable for tall fences to prevent climbing.  The fun thing with steel is that each fence can be individualized to suit the home, this means patterns, thickness, panel size, height, color and anything else you can think of.

Generally, to custom make a steel picket fence takes a longer time to complete as there are many more details involved within the building process. While compared to premade panels it takes longer the quality is far higher. The other advantage is its durability; if the fence is constructed properly it will last a long time and not rust. Because we do our own powder coating we also allow you to choose your own color, this way it can match up with your house perfectly!

Steel fencing can also deter criminal activities like vandalism and thievery. While we can’t stop 100% of intruders it can make life more difficult for them, allowing enough time for your security to be alerted. Whether its palisade, spikes or rod top we make enough security panels to know what it takes to make it secure enough. This can include small details such as security screws on brackets that makes the panels unresolvable. All in all steel has been around for so long because it just works, this however does not mean we haven’t improved an already great product!