Security Fencing From Everlastfencing

To most home owners security is a major concern, now an effective and one important way to ensure your home secure is using security fencing.

Security fencing

Security fencing is designed to keep your home safe and give your home a boundary. Now the aim of fencing is to make it difficult for intruders to access your property, however it must be noted that it is there to make it difficult not impossible, we are honest and we will tell you straight up that there is no fence that can stop 100% of intruders in this day and age. Its purpose is to make it difficult for the would-be intruders. The fencing can be made from a variety of materials but the most common types that we specialise in are steel fencing and aluminium slats.  While we endorse a strong fence, something that is secure something that is effective but also something that looks good!

Using Security fencing

We have been doing fencing for a long time and we want to stress just because it is security fencing it does not mean that it has to look ugly.  If it is steel, there are a number of options available in both colour and range.  The colour is powder coating so it can be any colour that you want, this can better match your home.  Aluminium slats are a great option for something that looks fantastic and is strong enough to withstand force. They come in the wood look option to further enhance their look. Steel fencing  is more intimidating and aluminium slats are more aesthetically pleasing.

Since we are a custom fencing company, security screening and fencing can be made to your needs, this means that you can get the exact product that you need for your home.  This is a fantastic option if you are looking for something that will complement the design of your home and garden. This is why our custom works stand out; they are 100% unique to you.

Security fencing is used to protect you and your property; however whenever you are looking at the fence you need to consider the gates. These could be single gates, double gates, sliding gates or automatic gates. So many options, so many styles, it all comes down to what you want!