Avoiding the Pitfalls For Concrete Curing

Have you ever wondered what happens after long hours of building and cementing your concrete pavement? Well, it goes through a process known as the curing period (also known as the drying period). This is the most important stage of concrete installation as it starts to build durability through the hardening process.

However, the process can be disrupted by several factors that can delay or weaken the hardening process, leading to weaker results.

It is believed that some pitfalls can be avoided. With that, Everlast Services has the advice to impart for our fellow home builders!

Pitfall #1: Letting concrete exposed to extreme temperatures

Too hot or too cold will cause an imbalance of hardening and weakening its durability more than usual. If too cold, the properties in the concrete will be slowed down, therefore inducing less strength. Too hot, the concrete will not be able to harden properly due to high surface temperature melting it.

We recommend using a concrete insulating blanket for the first few days to keep it warm during cold days. If it is too hot- Keep it hydrated!

Pitfall#2: Heavy pressure on the concrete is a no!

Allow your concrete to be free of any light foot traffic for a day. Heavy objects and traffic are allowed after 10 days as the hardening process is completed.