Using Fencing To Prevent Home Invasions

Fencing performs many duties for our homes, but its chief responsibility is to keep us safe. So, how good is your fence at preventing home invasions? You need to remember that your perimeter fencing is the first line of security against a possible attack, and a well-designed one can go a long way towards your home being left alone.

Here are some tips towards securing your property with a fence.

Make Security A Priority

Unless you’re a particularly paranoid person, you probably think of your fence as offering two things – privacy and aesthetics. This is entirely understandable, and something borne out of the fact that we are all lucky enough to live in such a safe area.

Most people will make the fence as high and thick as they can (in line with local zoning permits). Unfortunately, this gives a false sense of security.

Why Solid Fencing Isn’t The Most Secure

This point all comes down to the mindset of your average burglar. They want to carry out a home invasion in privacy, which is why big, solid fences make that easier. They will actually look for these types of fences and attack them first. There’s no chance of passing cars seeing them, neighbours won’t notice, and if you’re not home, there’s basically no chance of getting caught.

So, if you really want a big solid fence, you have to add a few things. Adding some cyclone wire to the top will help, you could also incorporate some overhanging foliage and shrubbery.

So, What Is The Best Type of Fencing?

If you think security first, with no regards to aesthetics and privacy, you can’t go past old fashioned wire security fencing. There’s a reason secure locations use this type. It’s almost impossible to climb, and because it takes so long to negotiate the flimsy structure, the invader risks being caught.

Of course, this is a home, not a prison, so here’s a look at some other types that work equally well.

  • Tubular Fencing: Impossible to scale, and the gaps mean home invaders will be worried about getting caught. Looks great and is perfect for gardens where the sun is a must. Cost-effective and low-maintenance too!
  • Blade Fencing: Similar to tubular but offering a different, more angular aesthetic. Great for modern homes and again, nigh-on impossible to scale. You can place each blade closer together for added privacy.
  • Brick Infill Fencing: If you team this type of fencing with tubular or blade look in between the brick columns you end up with a solid fence that is still invader proof. Put some spiky ornamentation on top of the brick pillars, and passing burglars will definitely pick on someone else’s home.
  • Spear Top Fencing: The name says it all doesn’t it? Picture tubular but with spikes. Even if the invader is some sort of gymnast and they can get to the top, it’s going to be very painful (and potentially bloody) trying to navigate those spikes. This fence also looks beautiful, it’s like a designer security fence. It works perfectly with almost any home design, and like all steel fencing options, it’s cost-effective and low-maintenance.
  • Galvanised Fence Panels: These are an attractive and versatile security fencing option. You can choose a variety of powder coatings, they can be made to look either rustic or ultra-modern, and they will quite literally last forever. They are also impossible to scale (no footholds), and you can enjoy complete privacy without making your home a target.
  • Colorbond Fencing: Similar to Galvanised Fence Panels but with the grandeur that is Colorbond. Include this Aussie icon at your home, and we promise you’ll never regret it.

Some Other, Non-Fencing Tips for Preventing Home Invasion

A home alarm system is a good idea, but did you know that potential burglars are warier of dogs. You don’t even have to have a big guard dog because it’s the bark that does the trick. Even a little yap could alert you or a neighbour, which is why dogs have been used to protect property since dogs and humans struck up that special relationship.

You can also use landscaping to protect against invasion. Garden beds full of cactus, water features lurking behind fencing and paths made out of squelchy gravel will create some barriers. If you need any more tips, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the home improvement experts at Everlast Services.