How to Increase The Privacy In Your Backyard

Everyone wants their backyard to be a sanctuary. That means creating a space that is entirely (or mostly) sealed off from the outside world. There are two main things you want to block – sight and sound. Here’s how you can do that.

How to Soundproof Your Backyard

Modular fencing is the best way to block the sound of traffic and the annoying voices of any neighbours. The nature of the material means it absorbs sounds and deflects it, so no outside sound gets in and no inside noise gets out (your kids can scream to the top of their lungs).

It’s also cost-effective and looks excellent. In fact, it’s becoming a popular design choice in its own right. It can be set up quickly and used for everything from perimeter fencing, to privacy screens and even vertical gardens.

The other way to soundproof your backyard is to create some competing noise in the form of a water feature. With that beautiful, soothing splashing and bubbling you don’t have to worry about what’s going on in the outside world. You can even install a fireplace, so if your neighbours get rowdy you can get it roaring and try and duel them with the crackling of wood.

How to Block Out The Neighbours

  • Blocking From The Top: The best way to prevent views from your neighbours overhanging space is with roofing. That means creating a patio or a gazebo. This gives you an entirely private space as well as increasing your living area. You can use them as outdoor dining and cooking spaces, or just devote them to the pursuit of relaxation. Whatever you choose, you’ll love how secluded you feel when you’re sitting in them.
  • Blocking From The Side: Modular fencing and other forms of privacy panels are also excellent at blocking out views. They are also the quickest way to do this. Growing effective hedges and other forms of foliage look amazing, but it will take time. With a screen, you can immediately block someone out. You don’t even have to install them the whole way around your property, you just have to find the line of sight and place one there. Use them as a decorative element, by including artwork or as the base to run some creepers.
  • Use Aluminium Slats Creatively: These types of slats are cheap, they look great, and they last forever. You can use them for privacy screens, or, you can create an incredible fence/roof combo where the slats snake their way up and run over the top of any area. That way you get plenty of privacy without sacrificing on sunlight. It really is one of the most cost-effective and low-maintenance design/privacy options available.
  • Foliage: Ok, they are a bit of work, but boy does some privacy-creating foliage look great. Some well-placed garden beds and some mature trees/shrubs will improve the liveability of your space and keep any prying eyes out. Why do they improve liveability? Because plants improve the air quality of your home by absorbing harmful air pollution. Greenery also increases relaxation and peace of mind, and if you’re surrounded by it, you can’t help but smile.
  • Layer Your Backyard: By layering your backyard, you’ll always have one area that is a little bit lower, and therefore more secluded. The easiest way to layer your yard is to use retaining walls and then devote each section to a certain use, for example, decking, pool, garden. Or, you can even devote one area to an outdoor kitchen. Cover specific layers for the ultimate in privacy.

There’s your guide to creating privacy in your backyard. Remember, when you’re considering each option you have to think of them as an investment, not just an outlay. Your backyard is a huge selling point for your home, and it’s no surprise that the ones with plenty of privacy and seclusion tend to add quite a bit to the final sale price.

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