Essential Garden Tools for the Beginner

Never gardened before? No problem. A few must-have tools every beginner gardener needs can make your grow-you-own dreams a reality. Here are the tools we suggest to get you started right.

To be specific, what kinds of tools you’ll need depends on how much space you have to work with. If your garden area is limited to your balcony, then you don’t need much. You could just choose the first items listed below, which are enough for your small-space gardening task. But if you have more space like a backyard garden, a few additional tools are needed. Let your space guide your needs and you can’t go wrong!

Watering Can

With a suitable-size watering can, it will be easier to aim water at balcony containers. Plastic cans come in different sizes and colors to choose. You can choose the ones with an adjustable nozzle, which can allow you to change up the intensity of the stream.

Garden Gloves

Garden gloves can keep your hands clean and prevent yourself from the hurting and poking caused by some tiny pieces in soils and planting materials and prickly stems on some vegetables. Also, it is easier to grip gardening tools or heavy bags of mulch with gloves.

A trusty hand trowel

For everything from planting to rearranging soil, outdoor gardeners will need them. This handy tool helps you yank out unwanted plants, roots and all. Plus, you can use it to dig holes for new plants. There are lots of different blades you can choose, such as flat, pointed, serrated, and triangular and so on.

A good garden hose

Hose isn’t particularly complicated. Just make sure your hose is durable enough to withstand being dragged through the yard without being inconvenient to move around.

A leaf rake

You may use it to remove old plant material and other debris from garden beds. Choose aluminum ones for they are lighter than steel.

A shovel or spade

If you have a backyard garden, a reliable spade is a must. Spades have a squared-off blades perfect for slicing and edging. An angled-blade shovel is a better choice for you can dig and move dirt with ease.

Stock up on the basic tools you need to make it easier to grow. Happy growing!