The Ultimate Guide to Security Fencing

. ThenAre you looking for the ultimate guide to security fencing? Then you’ve come to the right place. The Everlast Services team can provide you with the expertise you need.

Whether it’s for a domestic or commercial property, the benefits of installing a security fence are practically endless. From securing your assets to increasing the value of your property, installing a security fence is always a worthwhile investment.

This ultimate guide provides you with all the information you need on security fences, from benefits to features.

What is Security Fencing?

Security fencing differs from regular fencing in that it is specifically designed to secure a property from unwanted trespassers, thieves or vandals. For example, most security fencing has anti-climb properties, are unable to be easily compromised with instruments such as bolt cutters, and prevent access from underneath the fence. Some security fences are even equipped with barbed wire or security systems for an extra level of protection.

While security fencing may be used for domestic properties – particularly homes that are high in value – it is most commonly used for industrial sites, businesses, schools and other commercial properties.

Benefits of Security Fencing

There are many benefits to having security fencing installed, including:

Additional Security for Residents and Employees Within the Property

Having security fencing installed at your home can help you rest easy at night. You’ll know that your family is safe and secure. This is particularly important if you live in a high-value property, which makes it the target of attacks, or an area with a high crime rate.

Additionally, security fencing can protect employees from potential threats while they work. This can be particularly valuable if your business operations deal with lucrative merchandise or equipment that increases the likelihood of an attack.

Secure Your Assets

Security fencing helps to protect your property and the assets it contains from both opportunistic and orchestrated attacks by trespassers, thieves and vandals. By protecting your assets with security fencing, you can also protect your finances as you will not have to deal with the burden of replacing valuable equipment or personal items.

Increase the Value of Your Property

The benefits that security fencing can offer are widely recognised, which is why installing a security fence can greatly increase the value of your property if you ever plan to sell it down the track.

Additional Security Precautions

While installing a security fence is a great start, you can take additional precautions. These precautions will help ensure that your property remains safe and secure:

  • Ensure that all surrounding streets and lanes are well lit
  • Inspect lighting regularly inspected to ensure that it’s in working order
  • Ensure that the perimeter of your fence is free from anything that would allow trespassers to easily climb over it, such as bins
  • Consider installing a security system or CCTV that will both act as a deterrent as well as enabling the identification of any perpetrators

Security Fencing at Everlast Services

At Everlast Services, we offer a range of fencing options to suit a variety of individual needs. The security fencing we offer includes:

We design and produce every fence panel at our own steel manufacturing plant in Hopper’s Crossing. This means we’re able to customise your fence to suit your needs. This includes tailoring the height, or including extra security features like spiked tops to discourage climbing and tampering.

Additionally, we are able to ensure complete security of your property with our high-quality security gates. We offer a wide range of gates to suit a variety of needs, including single, double, sliding, swinging and automated gates.

We make all of our fences and gates using the highest quality materials available. Then, we install them with impeccable workmanship. Additionally, they’re incredibly durable and low-maintenance. This means you can expect them to last a lifetime without constantly needing to repair or look after them. As such, you can rely on Everlast Services to keep you, your property and your assets safe.

Need Help?

If you’re in the market for security fencing – whether it be for a domestic or commercial property – the skilled and professional team at Everlast Services can help. Our wide range of options means that there is something to suit everyone’s needs. Additionally, if there’s something specific that you’re looking for, we can custom-design and fabricate your fence. After all, we have our very own steel factory in Hopper’s Crossing.

Increase your property’s security today by getting in touch with Everlast Services and receiving a free measure and quote.