How to Look After Your Garden in Winter

Are you wondering how to look after your garden this winter? Everlast Services have all the tips and tricks to help you ensure that your yard is able to thrive even when the cold weather has set in.

A lot of people tend to shy away from gardening in winter. The cold weather means that most people would rather stay cosied up inside and the frosty ground can mean that it takes a bit more effort than usual to dig up weeds and plant new species. But, if you’re willing to commit a bit of extra time and effort into your garden during winter, there’s no reason that your garden should become drab and lifeless. In fact, a winter garden can be a stunning sight to behold if you know how to look after it properly.

Here is Everlast Services advice on how to maintain your garden in winter.

Prune Away

Sharpen your shears because winter is the perfect time for some extreme pruning. In particular, you should pay special attention to any roses, hydrangea, wisteria and gardenias you may have in your garden.

When it comes to pruning these species, don’t be shy about it. Ideally, you should prune these plants until they have an open framework of only three or four main stems. Also, be sure to cut cleanly and not leave any stubs.

Pruning is essential to plant health because, not only does it cut away damaged or diseased parts of the plant which cause stress, it also helps to improve air flow which enables better branch distribution. Ultimately, pruning helps to encourage healthier and more vigorous plants that are more tolerant of diseases and other stresses.

What You Should Plant in Winter

If you have an edible garden, winter is the perfect time to plant a variety of vegetables that will come in handy for all the soups and stews that the cold weather makes everyone crave. Some of the vegetables that are ideal to plant in winter include:

  • Carrots – While carrots can grow all year round, they’re particularly perfect for winter to use in stews and soups. Keep in mind that they grow best in soil that is kept moist.
  • Garlic – Garlic is a staple to so many dishes, which is why it’s the perfect thing to grow in winter. When growing garlic, ideally you shouldn’t water the soil until approximately two weeks after you plant it, as this is the time it takes to germinate. After that, however, try to keep the soil moist but not wet.
  • Broccoli – Delicious and nutritious, broccoli should be planted in a sunny spot and its soil should be kept moist.
  • Spinach – When growing spinach, it’s important that you keep its soil moist by watering it regularly. When the seedlings begin to emerge, you should also feed it with plant food and compost as this will encourage it to grow to become even bigger and healthier. Spinach is usually ready to harvest about six to eight weeks after planting.
  • Snow Peas – Snow peas are ideal to plant in winter as they are able to survive frost. They’re also a very easy plant to grow – as long as they’re not in direct sunlight, they should provide you with a harvest within two months of planting.

Additionally, some of the herbs that thrive in winter include:

  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary

Additional Winter Gardening Tips

  • Keep in mind that the cooler weather means that plants – including your potted plants – require less watering than in warmer months to keep their soil moist. To check whether the soil is moist or not, simply push your finger into the soil and you will be able to feel whether or not it requires watering.
  • Winter is the time when any drainage problems in your garden will become apparent. If this happens to you, an easy solution is to use a garden fork to push holes into heavy soils and create surface drains that will help to carry away any excess moisture.
  • Winter in Melbourne notoriously brings with it a lot of rain. If you want to make good use of it, you should consider installing a water tank. The water that it collects now might prove vital for the drier summer months.

Need Help with How to Look after Your Garden in Winter?

If you want your garden to thrive this winter but don’t have the green thumb to do be able to achieve it yourself, the landscaping experts at Everlast Services can help you.

From installing raised garden beds to giving your entire yard a makeover, Everlast Services can help you to achieve your gardening dreams. Simply get in touch today and we can provide you with a free measure and quote.