Making An Herb Garden In Your Yard

Try to imagine your yard, which is full of thyme, mint leaves, rosemary, parsley, and some sage. Yes, today we’ll talk about an herb garden. Herbs are as beautiful as they are delicious and fragrant, so growing them is rewarding for both the gardener and the cook. Have you ever thought of planting an herb garden but are not sure you can do it? Never fear! It is one of the easiest things to grow herbs in your garden.

Choose the right location

There are two important factors for growing herbs — sunlight and well-drained soil. That requires us to find a place that gets six or more hours of sunlight a day.  Also, the soil needs to be well drained.
Some may also consider convenience for it is easier to harvest herbs if we plant them near the kitchen or near the house.

Preparing the Soil

One of the keys to plant herbs is the right kind of soil. Remember to add compost. If the soil is sandy or clay heavy, add plenty of compost. You can still add some compost even if your soil is in good condition for it will help provide nutrients to the herbs while they are growing.

Choosing the Herbs

Basically, people will choose the following herbs when first starting an herb garden: Basil Oregano Rosemary Chives Mint Sage Dill. Actually, what kind of herbs you grow mainly depends on your willingness for almost all herbs will grow for at least one season. Some will grow year after year.

Planting and Growing

First, herbs can be started from seed or planted as plants. Starting from seed is OK, if you are on a tight budget, and it is not that difficult. Then, once you have you have planted your herb garden, make sure that it gets 2 inches of water every week. Also, make sure to harvest your herbs frequently. Harvesting the herbs frequently won’t hurt them. Actually, this will result in the herb plant producing more and more foliage.

Planting an herb garden is very satisfying and easy. By starting an herb garden and growing herbs, you can add flavor to your kitchen and beauty to your garden.

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