Landscaping Ideas for the Side of a House

Do you need some landscaping ideas for the side of a house? Use this lockdown period to spruce up that narrow side of your house with these great garden ideas!

Whether it’s the side gate, outside the bedroom window or near the shed, side of house landscaping can be great fun for the whole family and can really bring some life to that neglected part of the garden.

If you’ve landscaped your front and back garden then it’s time to connect the two with these tips for landscaping tips for beginners!

Kitchen Garden

Perhaps the most iconic way to leverage your side of house area is to fill it up with your own fresh produce.

Trade the supermarket for your own favourite fruit and veggies in purpose-built garden beds. Remember that most fresh produce needs at least eight hours of direct sunlight a day so make sure you know exactly how much sun your garden gets before setting up garden beds.

Save space by growing vines like cucumbers, squash, beans or other herbs in trellises along the side of your house, the fence or other structure. It’s also a great way to involve the kids and have a years’ worth supply of fresh fruit and veggies.

Quiet Retreat

You can create your own private space – even in the city with a simple garden bed and seating area set up. Select a range of plants that are planted in the ground and kept in moveable planters to achieve that added beauty in your side garden.

You can also set up some timber boardwalks, slate paving and different-sized rocks to add some excitement to the journey along the side of your house.

If you have an older home, landscaping the side of your house where there are no windows can be a great place for some pavers and a chair. That way you can enjoy your morning coffee as the sun comes up, or sit down and retreat after work with a book.

If you do want to try out new pavers, plant some shrubs to create a barrier so your new side garden doesn’t clash with the rest of your landscape.

A Splice of Paradise

While you can’t travel to Japan at the moment, you can bring Japan to you! Create some feng shui by planting some upright plants like bamboo in narrow planters and a water feature that leads into a fish pond.

If you do plant bamboo, remember to select the type carefully. Black bamboo, and other clumping types, spread more slowly than the messy running types.

If you’re tight on space you can keep it nice and compact with a vertical water feature and a bonsai plant.

This timeless landscaping idea will leave your fence with lovely, green features that bring a splice of serenity to your home. It’s the perfect feature for outside the master bedroom or even the bathroom.

Overhead Garden

Did we mention that gardens don’t have to be at your feet? Think outside of the box and consider an overhead feature for your side yard or the side of garage. Pick a garden arch or arbour to make that narrow side of your house a prominent space.

Follow the overhead feature with some white pavers and add some surrounding pebbles or grass and let the kids play hop scotch while you’re making dinner.

If an overhead garden isn’t your thing, a well raised garden bed is also not only very eye-appealing but they also meet you at eye level! This makes them the perfect addition to look from outside your bedroom window when you’re inside on a rainy day.

Vertical Garden

If you’re really tight on space, like an urban apartment, then consider a vertical garden. Vertical gardens can hang from fences, the sides of buildings and window ledges.

Hang a black-painted trellis and add some climbing vines. Not only will this add a more unique element to your side garden, it can give some birds a place to rest and nest.

A hot tip for these types of garden ideas is to leave a partial view from the front to the back gardens to create an illusion that your yard feel larger than it really is. For extra privacy, plant strategically to block your neighbours view.

Need Help Bringing These Ideas to Life?

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