How To Update An Old Fence

Looking for tips on how to update an old fence? You’re in the right place!

Fences are essential for making your garden feel like an oasis from the outside world and for maintaining privacy from neighbours’ prying eyes. However, if your fence is old, weathered or even breaking apart in places, then it can be the fence itself that is the subject of your neighbours’ scrutiny.

Don’t let your fence be an eyesore that draws focus from the otherwise aesthetic appearance of your house. So long as the structure of the fence is more or less intact, restoring it to its previous glory is a very doable DIY job that you can even complete in a weekend.

1.    Consider a New Look

Before committing to restoring your current fence, consider whether the fence matches your property or whether it might have outgrown your personal taste. Sometimes houses are renovated while a fence is neglected creating a mismatch between the two styles. Everlast Services offer a range of fencing services in various styles. It’s worth considering new options before deciding if restoring your old fence is the way to go, or learning how to update an old fence.

2.    Clear Vegetation

Often what makes a fence seem tired and worn is the overgrown vegetation that grows along the fence line. The very first thing to tackle are these shabby shrubs and weeds contributing to an unruly look. Get your gardening gloves on and start pulling!

3.    Blast! And the Dirt is Gone

To ensure you’ll be painting over a clean and smooth surface, wash the dirt off your fence using a power washer. Make sure the power washer uses less than 3,500 psi units to avoid damaging the wood. Then spray the fence evenly and be careful not to spray in one place for too long.

4.    Fix What You Can

Where palings have loosened from the fence post, nail them back in place by holding the paling in place with your knee, ensuring it’s straight, then hammering in two nails to make it sturdy again. For fence palings that need replacing entirely, carefully record the dimensions (or just take the damaged paling with you) and visit any large hardware store to have a new one cut to size. You’ll need a crowbar and claw hammer on hand to remove these palings and nails.

If your fence can more accurately be described as the remains of what once was a fence, then a DIY repair might take excessive amounts of time and energy. Everlast Services specialise in fencing and can help you rebuild a new and long-lasting fence if you need to start from scratch. Get in touch today for a quote!

5.    Smooth Before Painting

It’s a good idea to sand a wood fence that was previously painted to remove old, loose bits of paint. Use a handheld power sander to reduce the amount of manual labour required, but make sure you wear ear protection and goggles. Use medium- or fine-grit sandpaper for spots that are harder to reach. Creating a smoother surface is perfect for helping the new paint adhere to the wood.

6.    The Main Event

Now comes the satisfying part where you begin to see your fence breathe new life. Try not to paint on a day that’s either blazing hot or threatening to rain. Any weather in between is perfect, especially if there’s a light breeze. Use either a spray gun or paint roller to speed up the process. A spray gun is effective at reaching every crevice and getting the job done fastest. When covering an old paint job, it’s likely you will need two coats.

If you’re after a more natural look that blends into the garden, you may opt to stain your fence rather than paint it. For the best results, use a primer first that will help the stain absorb into the wood fully. As well as improving the longevity of the stain’s colour, a primer can also protect wood from rotting. Once the primer has dried completely, use a paint roller to apply the stain to the wood and a smaller brush for harder to reach areas.

Whether you’re painting or staining, it can be time consuming so start early in the day and stick at it.

7.    Final Touches

To polish off your new boundary line, plant new shrubs, greenery or flowers for an added aesthetic element. If you’re unsure which plants are best suited, Everlast Services can help you find the right option.

Hopefully you now know how to update an old fence and you’re feeling ready to start the makeover. Just wait until you see the difference it makes to your property!