Are you actually keeping your pool clean?

Having a pool as part of your garden landscape can be aesthetically pleasing as well being a part of your leisure addition during warm sunny days… 

But maintaining it? That’s another story. Pool is a long-term maintenance that requires constant care every week or two, with high standards of hygiene being met. So, for pool-lovers, how do you make sure if your swimming pool is up to standards when it comes to cleaning it?

Everlast Services has worked with a few customers to make sure their pools are sanitized and clean to use, offering a few tips on long-term cleaning.

Below are some few cleaners you can apply for your swimming pool!

The ultimate cleaner.. Filter. 

Filter is the most important component when it comes to trapping dirt and debris from your pool. It is vital to clean your filter once a week to make sure particles and dust are got rid of. A dirty filter can dramatically affect the pool circulation and chemical levels which may disrupt and breed more bacteria, causing it to be dangerous to swim at. Lastly, a clogged filter meant that dirty doesn’t get filtered. Be aware that it will accumulate and caused foul smell!

Measure PH Level!

Swimming pools PH level are important, especially to our skin. Having an unstable PH levels can really be harmful to our skin, making it unswimmable. So how do we know if it’s suitable? Anything above 7 is swimmable whereas below 7 is acidic which is considered a hazard. Your typical optimal swimming PH level is between 7.2 and 7.6.

Using electrifying method…For huge result! 

This method is recommended if there’s a huge amount of algae and organic inside your water. Shocking your pool means a huge amount of chlorine is needed in order for the chemical components to kill off bacteria. Just make sure to do it safely and allow your pool filter to run again after 8 hours.


Maintaining a swimming pool requires effort, but if you are short on time and would like someone to take care of your landscaping needs, then look no further than Everlast Services. We have experienced landscapers too, who will work with you to create your perfect outdoor living space. Regardless of where you are, be it Altona, Laverton, or Truganina, we will be there for you to create your ideal outdoor living space!