What You Need to Know Before Building a Fence

If you’re thinking of building a fence, here’s everything you need to know beforehand from the experts at Everlast Services.

The benefits of building a fence are almost endless; they can improve the value of your home by increasing its curb appeal, increase your privacy, provide extra security and also protect your home from the elements.

But when you’re thinking of building a fence, there are a few things you should take into consideration before making the jump of actually building it. After all, preparation is key in order to build a fence that is durable and will look good forever.

What Is Your Fence’s Purpose?

Before you make any other decisions regarding building your fence, you need to think about what the purpose of your fence will be. Do you just want to add aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your home? Do you need it to keep your dog from running away? Are you trying to increase the security of your home? Whether you’re building a fence for one or all of these reasons, knowing your fence’s purpose will ultimately help you to narrow down and choose the style, material and height of your fence.

What Kind of Material Do You Want Your Fence to Be?

Not all fences are made equal, and a big factor of what will make your fence last or deteriorate is the material it’s made from. For example, while a timber picket fence may look cute and quaint when it’s first installed, it takes a lot of maintenance to keep it looking good and you will often have to replace it after a few years due to its inability to adequately weather the elements.

Steel fences, on the other hand, are built to last and require little to no maintenance. That’s why a steel fence will look as good as it did on the day it was built many years down the track. Steel fences are also incredibly versatile and can be made to mimic the looks of many other fencing types, including wood. At Everlast, we fabricate our own steel materials, which means that whatever fence design you have in mind, we are able to custom make for you – no matter how big or small the project may be.

Research Local Guidelines

Different municipalities have different rules and regulations regarding building fences, particularly if it borders a neighbour’s property. Depending on the size of your fence and its placement in relation to your street, you may need a permit to build your fence.

If you’re building a fence that divides two adjacent properties, there are certain laws regarding who pays for it, what type of fence should be built, if and when neighbours are notified, and how fencing disputes are to be resolved should they arise. Knowing the local rules and regulations regarding fence installation can help you to avoid hefty fines down the track.

Think About What Kind of Gate or Entrance You Want

Just like planning what kind of fence for the function or role it will have, the same principal extends to the kind of gate or entryway you want for your fence. Do you just want an open driveway? Do you want a security gate that will help you to feel safe at night? Will your gate be purely decorative? Will your gate be single, double or sliding? Would you prefer an automatic or manual gate? These are all important factors to consider. The type of gate you want might also impact the type of fence or fence design you choose.

Choose the Right People to Install Your Fence

If you’ve never completed a DIY project as complex as fence installation before, it’s probably best to leave it to the professionals. But, choosing the right professional help can be difficult. There are a lot of dodgy tradesman out there. They’ll do a shoddy job and collect their cash, never to be heard from again.

Everlast Services has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. This means you can rely on us for our high-quality workmanship, reliability and professionalism. What’s more, we only use the best quality materials available. Many of our materials are even manufactured at our very own steel factory in Hopper’s Crossing. So, you can rest assured that your fence investment is a sound one that will last you a lifetime.

Need Help?

If you need help with planning, designing or installing your fence, Everlast Services can help. Our experienced and professional team has seen it all when it comes to building fences. We can impart our wisdom and knowledge. Simply contact us or book your free measure and quote today.