Types of Glass Fence

Types of Glass Fences

Frameless Glass

Homeowners choose frameless pool fences because of their elegance and delicacy. They create a contemporary effect that you won’t even notice is there. This is due to a lack of framing on their part.

These fences are made of glass panels without a frame, as you would have inferred from the name. This gives the pool a very low-key appearance while still providing excellent pool safety.

The use of spigots to hold them up from the bottom keeps them in place. The spigots are composed of highly robust aluminium, making them incredibly strong and resistant to most weather conditions.

If you want to maintain your beautifully planted backyard in full view without being blocked by the pool fence, they are the right option.

Keep in mind that while the seamless appearance is the main benefit, it can also be a disadvantage. You might find that folks aren’t aware of the fence and stroll right through it. Young children, in particular, may find it difficult to notice the translucent glass.

If you have this problem with your frameless glass pool fence, you can always apply some elegant stickers on it so that people can see where it is.

Semi-Frameless Pool Fence

Semi-frameless glass fencing around your pool could be the way to go if you’re searching for a sleek and attractive option.

The partial frame provides greater support for the glass, allowing these super-strong fences to survive impact in all weather. They’re also simple to set up, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

This is a fantastic solution that falls in between a frameless and a framed pool fence. They’re less noticeable than a framed fence, but they’re significantly easier to see than a frameless fence, so they’re less likely to be bumped into.

Framed Glass Pool Fence

Framed fences have glass that is completely encased in a frame. These are a strong alternative that prioritises safety and strength over the frameless style. They can still look and feel amazing; it all depends on the type of design you choose to go with.

When you’re not sure what style of fence to install for safety, glass balustrades may be the best option. They’re made of A-grade safety glass for maximum protection for you and your family.

You won’t want to hide your new pool once you’ve finished, so you’ll most likely opt for a glass pool fence to show off your new pool. The first step is to pick your new pool, so give us a call right now to talk about your possibilities.


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