Top 7 Reasons to Install a New Fence Before Summer

The best season of the year in Australia is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy everything your garden has to offer – fence included.

We don’t have to tell you how stunning a brand new fence looks in the golden summer sun. As well as enhancing the look and feel of your home, fencing is great for keeping swimming pools secure, giving you more privacy or keeping your kids safe when they’re outside. And for those big kids, it also makes the perfect boundary for an afternoon game of backyard cricket.

If you’ve been thinking about installing a new fence recently to enjoy over the warmer months, you’re not alone. Most people, however, put this to the back of their minds – and end up worse off for it.

Here are 7 great reasons why now is the best time to get your big project started.

1. Your Fence Gets Time to ‘Wear in’

When wooden picket fences are installed in the harsh weather of summer, UV rays can dry it out quickly. This causes warping and splitting which has a noticeable effect that makes your fence age a lot faster than it should. It creates real problems later as well if you decide to paint over a different colour.

By starting a fencing project before summer, any wood-based materials have time to settle and ‘wear in’. That means it gets weathered over several months, and when summer finally arrives, the fence is strong and can be relied upon to look it’s finest when the sun shines off it.

2. The Fence Should be Faster and Cheaper to Build

During the summer many households realise the value new fencing will bring. The trouble is, this means contractors are generally more busy on other projects to be able to work on yours. That means getting your first choice of builder is more difficult, and the timeline will be longer as they try to cope with the high level of demand.

By getting the project sorted early you’ll end up getting it done faster and avoid plenty of headaches. On top of that, you’ll also most likely save on costs as builders look to fill up their time when business is slower.

3. Installation Won’t Interfere With Summer Activities

Once summer hits us, you will want to focus on kicking back and relaxing in the backyard with the family. The last thing you want is to put up with a construction zone, as well as the lack of privacy and security it can temporarily bring until it’s finished.

While this isn’t so much of a problem over winter and spring, when you’re outdoors running around it can become a burden that isn’t ideal. By starting now, you get to avoid all of that and enjoy the exciting process of enhancing your outdoor landscape without needing to focus on where the kids will be playing.

4. You Get Access to the Best Materials

One of the great things about knocking off a project during the off season is you have your pick of the litter when it comes to materials. While the neighbours haven’t even started thinking about their new fence yet, you can jump in early and claim the best looking combo that looks great and will stand the test of time.

During winter and spring suppliers generally have a surplus of stock, and particular fencing types and styles may cost less to put in. With demand being lower that usual, there will be more deals on offer and more suppliers will be happy to help you out with custom styles. If anything needs to be ordered in, there’s plenty of time to wait.

5. You Can Enjoy Your Swimming Pool All Summer Long

When it comes to summer in Australia, nothing beats a lazy Sunday afternoon hanging out by the pool. It’s the perfect place for a cold drink and to soak up a tan. As anyone with children will know, however, a swimming pool can also be a dangerous safety hazard too. While the kids are playing outside near the pool regularly, you don’t want the added stress of worrying what might happen if you turn your back for one moment.

For that reason, it’s highly recommended you ensure your pool or spa is well fenced off and secure in time for the first day of summer. You’ll feel a lot better, and can cannonball all you like knowing your family is that little bit safer during the best time of the year.

So if you’ve been looking out of your kitchen window over the past few months wishing there was a brand new fence to impress the neighbours, don’t delay any longer. Pick up the phone, pull out the magazines and get that project going to make this summer the best one ever.