Tips For A Complete Exterior Makeover For Your Property

If your home needs a makeover or you have just moved into a new place you would like to personalise, maybe the first place to start is the exterior. It doesn’t matter how much interior decorating you do, if the outside isn’t doing its job, it will drag your entire house down.

If you think an exterior makeover means reroofing or completely changing the façade of your home, think again. Exterior makeovers can be a quick and cost-effective way to give your property a complete makeover.

Here are some tips for where you should start.

Garden Makeover

If your front garden is full of weedy garden beds, a patchy blob of lawn and some overgrown shrubs a complete garden makeover should be the first thing you do. You can get a whole lot done in a weekend, and if you choose some mature plants, the results are instantaneous.

If your makeover project is for a house sale, you really need to start with the garden. Potential buyers love the look of a well-kept and beautiful garden, and that first impression could colour the way they view the rest of your home.

Paths and Walkways

A single path or walkway at the exterior of your home could make the entire property look far neater and more stylish. Walkways are a way to divide your exterior and give you a focal point to decorate around. For example, one side could be a low maintenance garden, while the other could be full of lush greens.

Paths are a simple way to elevate your front yard, and they can be laid in just a day. You also have a massive range of materials to choose from, ranging from concrete to pavers and even stonework.

Restore Your Driveway

Restoring a tired driveway could be the answer to all your exterior makeover needs. They are a significant aspect of your property, and if you notice any damage chances are everyone else is noticing it too!

If you have a concrete driveway, you don’t even need to tear it up to restore it. If it is in good enough condition, you can use a range of decorative techniques to not just restore it, but completely transform it.

With stamping, stencilling and colouring you can create any look from slate, to bluestone, sandstone and even marble. Of course, you can go also go with polished concrete for the ultimate industrial look.

Get Yourself a Fancy Gate

A gate can really transform your entire façade. Whether you go for a single, sliding, double or even automatic option, you will make your exterior look a whole lot more impressive. You can instantly give your home a high-class touch, while also adding to the security. There are enough gate options out there to ensure there is an option that suits your needs and your property.

For a high-end and ultra-modern look, consider a laser cut gate. They look incredible, and they’re almost infinitely customisable.

What About a New Fence?

If you’re getting a gate, you may as well include a fence. Like gates, fences are a quick and easy way to transform your exterior and make it look more high-end. There’s something elegant about sectioning your property off from the rest of the world, and with the right fencing choice, you can do that without blocking yourself in.

If a hardwood fence has always been your dream, but you’re baulking at the price and maintenance, consider aluminium slat fencing. The slats are powder coated to look like rich, vibrant hardwood and they are cost-effective and maintenance free.

Decking Isn’t Just for The Backyard

A section of decking could be perfect for your front yard. You could use it to border a water feature, create a little patio in the sun or even use it as the entryway to your home. Deckings are an ever-popular design feature, and the smallest section used intelligently can be a quick and relatively cheap way to makeover the exterior of your property.

Garden Screens and Green Walls

Garden screens offer visual interest to your exterior, and when combined with green walls you end up with a whole lot more greenery and vegetation. Both are very much on-trend, low-maintenance and a great DIY-project.

Outdoor Lighting

The easiest way to makeover your exterior is to add light. There’s nothing worse than an exterior that is completely invisible as soon as the sun goes down. Illuminate your house for an instant exterior makeover, and automate that lighting for a more enjoyable first view of your home at night.