Timeless Driveway Gate Designs

Your driveway gate can perform so many aesthetic functions. It can be a separate design piece that serves to draw attention from the kerb, or it can be part of your home and an extension of your overall design flow.

Whatever you want to achieve with your design, it’s essential you do some research. Use the following timeless designs to inspire your own search for the perfect gate and make the most of the array of materials there are on offer.

From the rustic to the refined, the elegant to the eye-catching, here are gate designs that will never go out of fashion.

Modern Design

The term ‘modern’, when it comes to the design world, actually refers to a whole cluster of movements that came about at the turn of the 20th century. Modern gate designs all feature straight, clean lines and a focus on angularity over curves.

Modern designs often feature striking colours, like purples and blacks, and can be constructed from various materials from steel to aluminium and even wood.

This is the perfect statement-making gate, and it works well with modern-design homes. Be careful when pairing it with a heritage aesthetic house design, as it can be jarring.

Classic Functional Gate

This style is all about function first and style second. These gates are simple and streamlined, and this is where the beauty lies. Classic gates feature gentle curves and beautiful, straight lines. Sometimes the pillars of the gate are actually more ornate than the gate itself, with brick or stone column pillars working perfectly with the understated gate design.

Powder-coated steel is the preferred material for these utilitarian gates. Wrought iron is also popular and more suited to heritage-styled homes.

Classic Ornate Gate

This style features many of the elements of the classic functional gate but builds on it to make it a little more aesthetic-focused. These designs feature embellishment and flourishes in the form of more curvatures, spears and spirals throughout the gate and on individual posts.

The gate pillars also feature these design elements and may be topped or flanked with statuary or even light fixtures. This style is suited to the grand home and the home that isn’t afraid to make the most of every opportunity to show off.

The Sculptural Gate

This style is as much a work of art as it is a functional gate. This style is hard to pin down because it really is up to the owner. It could feature anything from ornate, traditional designs to modern, abstract patterns. Sculptural gates can even be personalised to feature family initials, the name of the home or a family crest.

Iron and metal are the favoured materials because of their workability.

Rural or Farm-Style Fence

This is where timber and composite materials come into their own. The main aim with this type of fence is to create that rustic feel that reflects the natural environment of a spacious, rural property. These fences are utterly functional, and this is where their beauty lies. Modern techniques have refined the design, but they are still built for purpose.

If you are seeking something durable,  aluminium slats can be used to create a timber look without having to deal with ongoing maintenance.

Antique and Vintage Styles

If you take your design cues from the grandeur of yesteryear, this is the style for you. There are numerous options to choose from, whether it’s a grand gate for entry to a mansion, or something a bit more restrained and mid-century, there are plenty of ways you can recreate your favourite moment in history.

Timber, iron and steel are all perfect materials for this design. It really depends on what look you’re trying to create.

A Few Other Ideas

  • Laser Cut Gates: This is an extremely cost-effective way to customise your gate design. Thanks to laser cutting technology, fabricators can turn sheets of aluminium, metal and steel into almost any design imaginable. A high-end design piece can be achieved without the high-end price.
  • Automation Baby: Basically, any gate can be automated. A motorised gate makes it far easier to enter your property, and it adds a bit of a ‘wow’ factor. Modern day options are durable and relatively cost-effective, so if you want to motorise your gate, go for it!
  • Space Savers: If you have limited space but still want a sliding gate, you can opt for a telescopic option. A gate that will cover a six-metre opening can be accommodated within just three metres of space. Cantilever gates are another good option for anyone with limited space.