The Top Five Easy DIY Landscaping Ideas

Are you looking for the best DIY landscaping ideas that don’t require and expert?

If you’ve recently found yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands, then now is the perfect time to put your landscaping and handyman skills to the test and try out some new DIY landscaping projects.

At Everlast Services, we have plenty of experience with landscaping and know that often the hardest part is choosing which project to focus on and knowing how to get started. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top five easy ideas that will give you a bit of direction, as well as some handy hints to keep you on track along the way.

1.   Create Wooden Planter Boxes

If you have access to some spare wooden pallets or timber, why not try upcycling them and use them to create some planter box?

The great thing about pallets is that the structure they come in means that a lot of the hard work is done before you even begin. To create a traditional planter box – that is essentially just a square box – you will need about three pallets, depending upon the size of the pallets and how big you want your planter box to be. One will be used as the foundation of your box and the others will be pulled apart to fill in the gaps of the base pallet and build up the sides to your ideal height.

Another way you can use pallets to create a garden bed is by stapling some garden fabric to the underside of the pallet – or the side of the pallet with the least vertical planks – as well as stapling the fabric so that it covers the sides. Then, simply flip the pallet so that the fabric is underneath, fill the pallet with soil and plant to your heart’s content.

Of course, if you don’t have any pallets lying around, this DIY can be done with plain planks of timber – it might just require a bit of extra work.

2.   Create a Vertical Garden

If your yard or outdoor space is spatially challenged, you can make the most of a small situation by creating a vertical garden. Vertical gardens can be created using many methods, but one of our favourites is to install rows of long plastic pots on a wire grid. If you want to go the extra mile, try installing an irrigation system that will help your plants to flourish all year round.

3.   Create a Garden Path

A garden path is a lovely addition to any yard and can be quite simple to install yourself, especially garden paths made from pebbles and paver stones.

To create a garden path yourself, you will first want to clear the space where you want your garden path to be. You will then need to lay paver base and a couple of centimetres of levelling sand. You can then lay your pavers and allow them to settle. Finally, you can fill the space between the pavers with pebbles or gravel and voilà, you have a magnificent garden path.

4.   Start Composting

Composting has so many benefits; from providing the rest of your garden with vital nutrients that help it to flourish, to decreasing the amount of waste your household produces. The great thing about starting a compost bin is that it can be as easy or as complicated as you want; whether you simply want to use a plastic wheelie bin for your compost or want to create an elaborate composting system from scratch, the sky’s the limit and so are the benefits.

5.   Create a Plant Display with an Old Ladder

If you’re working with a small outdoor space, you may struggle to find places to put all of your potted plants where they won’t get in the way. Simply repurposing an old, rustic-looking timber ladder can be the perfect solution, while also adding dimension and levels to your yard.

For this DIY, simply tie two ladders together at the top so that they form a triangle and lay wooden planks across the rungs. Secure with a few nails and you’re ready to place your extra pots, outdoor lanterns or any other bits and bobs you’ve stuck on finding the perfect place for.

Need Help with DIY Landscaping ideas?

If you find yourself in need of materials to make your DIY landscaping ideas and project a reality, Everlast Services can help you out. We can provide you with made-to-measure, high-quality landscaping materials at an affordable price. All of our supplies are 100% Australian made and owned, and have been especially picked out for being able to fulfil our incredibly high standards.

Alternatively, if your landscaping dreams go beyond your handyman capabilities, the experts at Everlast Services can help. From installing courtyards to complete garden makeovers, we can do it all. Simply get in touch today and we can provide you with a free measure and quote