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Green Garden

Green garden: The eco-friendly guide

Green garden not only shouts ‘eco-friendly’ but also adding an unexpected flair to your landscape of eco-friendliness. The green garden also contributes to low maintenance and high efficiency when it comes to managing it. You might be wondering, how do we enhance even further? There are a few tips below to help kickstart your garden!

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Spring vegetation

Spring vegetation: the ultimate plant guide

Spring vegetation is a perfect time for it to grow and sprout into something fruitful. It helps to compensate for the lack of planting during the winter season. Depending on the climate you live in, Everlast Services is situated in Melbourne. This is a temperate climate zone that harbours 4 seasons a year. We have

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What to plant in spring Melbourne

What to Plant in Spring

Springtime, what a wonderful time to plant. You’ve probably guessed the purpose of this blog if you’ve read the title, so without further ado, here’s Everlast Services’ recommendations on what to plant this spring in Melbourne, Australia! Spring is perfect for planting the sort of crop that doesn’t fair too well in the face of

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Landscaping ideas for Melbourne homes

Landscaping Ideas for Melbourne Homes

Unfortunately, Melbournians have a bit to contend with when it comes to landscaping their homes and selecting the right plants. We have to ensure that the plants we choose can handle baking sun, extended periods without rain, sudden downpours, howling winds, and early morning frost. We also have to contend with the fact that some

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