Landscaping Ideas for Melbourne Homes

Unfortunately, Melbournians have a bit to contend with when it comes to landscaping their homes and selecting the right plants. We have to ensure that the plants we choose can handle baking sun, extended periods without rain, sudden downpours, howling winds, and early morning frost.

We also have to contend with the fact that some areas of Melbourne are plagued by very poor soil. Eastern Melbourne for example is dominated by pale silty clay soils, making it very hard to grow a number of plants unless a significant amount of fertilisation takes place.

South-East Melbourne is referred to as the sandbelt and it contains some of Melbourne’s best and worst soil. The reclaimed swamp areas, such as Koo Wee Rup and Clyde have fantastic, mineral rich soils, which is why these areas have become significant food bowls.

For the lucky people that live in Western Melbourne, particularly in the area around Werribee, you are blessed with the best soil in Melbourne. The area around Werribee, especially on the area of the former Werribee Delta is full of alluvial soils. These soils are full of organic matter and bursting with minerals, making for a good, loamy soil structure that makes gardening a breeze.

Everlast Services is based in Hopper’s Crossing, so we thought we would run through the types of plants that are perfect for a landscaped garden in Western Melbourne. Keep in mind though, having good soil doesn’t protect your plants from the weather. So here are a few examples of the types of plants that will love your soil and stand up under the ever-changing, destructive weather that all Melbourians are subjected to.

A Few Flowers to Add Some Colour

Everyone loves a burst of colour in their backyard and there’s nothing quite like watching all your hard work come to fruition when those amazing flowers burst into life. Here are a few flower options for your Western Melbourne home:

  • Amber Velvet: This kangaroo paw is perfect for creating a vibrant garden bed. It’s a native plant so it is very low maintenance, doesn’t need much water and it can stand up under the driest and hottest of conditions. No Aussie backyard is complete without a Kangaroo Paw and this is a fantastic option for Western Melbourne soil.
  • Amethyst: This plant gives beautiful, deep purple flowers for those looking for some subtle colouration in their garden. It looks fantastic in a rocky garden bed and is great for areas that receive a little bit of shade.
  • Autumn Bravo: This plant is made for Melbourne weather; it can withstand soaring temperatures and early morning frost and still produce wonderful red flowers.
  • Coastal Pink: This native shrub gives off beautiful, bell-shaped flowers. The plant can adapt to all soil types and has the hardy nature that all of our native plants carry.

A Bit of Shrubbery, Grass and Ground Cover

Nothing makes those flowers pop like some beautiful shrubs, grasses and ground cover:

  • Aranda: This grass will give you deep, green foliage to highlight flowers and create borders. It also has subtle blue-flowers as an added bonus.
  • Aussie Flat Bush: Ground cover is important in preventing erosion and in making the most out of your space. This native shrub has slightly blue foliage for added visual interest. Plus, it looks completely natural and is perfect for those trying to create a truly Australian landscape.
  • Dense Fence: Every backyard needs a bit of privacy, and this screening hedge will block out the neighbours and dazzle you with its red new growth.
  • Eskdale: This native grass is perfect for mass planting. It is inexpensive, low-maintenance and will ad a natural touch to rocky and sloped areas of your garden. Also works fantastically as a border plant.

The Grandeur of Trees

Shrubs, flowers, creepers and climbers are all beautiful touches but trees serve as the focal point of a garden. They command attention and they are perfect centre to plan your garden around:

  • Baby Citro: This is the first lemon-scented eucalypt gum. It provides all the natural, reserved beauty of the gum while filling your garden with a wonderful lemon-scent.
  • Luscious: This tree has large, shiny leaves and will thrive in most soil types. It offers simple, but lush beauty.
  • Pinnacle: This tree is very narrow and features dense vegetation. It is perfect as border for fences and driveways and will also act as a bit of a privacy screen. Can be planted in areas that receive a lot of sunshine.
  • Sweeper: For those that love sweepers, you can’t go past the elegance of this beautiful tree that features red foliage. Great for hedges or as a centrepiece for a landscaped garden.

Of course, there is a lot more to landscaping than just choosing the vegetation but due to the difficult environment we live in, choosing the right plants is often the hardest part.

The expert landscapers at Everlast Services are always on hand to provide you with all the advice you need to create your dream back or front-yard.