Landscape Design for Beginners

If you’re thinking of giving the entire outdoor area of your home a makeover and you’ve never done it before, chances are you’re pretty overwhelmed. You might have no idea where to begin. There are a lot of elements to take into consideration. This is why some people spend years honing the craft of landscape design. However, it doesn’t always have to be that complicate. There are a few simple landscape design for beginners tips and tricks that can effectively transform your garden. The best part is, they’re so easy you’ll undoubtedly be able to do them yourself.

Easy Landscaping Ideas

Here are our top ideas on landscape design for beginners.

Plan According to Location

People often get caught up with grand dreams and ideas of what they want their garden to look like. But before you get too set on any specific landscape design, make sure you take into consideration the location of your home and the climate of your area. You should also study the specific patterns of the sun, shade and wind that are specific to your garden and the landscape.

What Do You Want Out of Your Garden?

People want different things from their gardens and figuring out what you want from yours can help narrow down your landscape design options. If you have kids, maybe you want an area designated for them to play in. Maybe you want to grow your own produce so that you can cook with your own fruit and vegetables. Maybe you want to make your garden eco-friendly to reduce your eco-footprint. Maybe you want to create a space for your friends and family to gather together and socialise in the warmer months. Once you’ve determined what you want from your garden, do some rough sketches of how you’d like to arrange it and then do some research for inspiration and ideas on how you can achieve your goals.

Think About the Basic Elements of Landscape Design

There are certain factors you should take into consideration when planning out your garden that will make for a cohesive design as well as making it aesthetically interesting. These design elements are colour, height, and texture.

When it comes to colour, you might want to go for a monochromatic scheme, or maybe you want to choose colours which complement each other. In general, stay away from putting too many colours in one area. This will stop your garden looking too messy or busy.

When first planting your garden, you need to keep in mind how tall the species are going to grow as you don’t want to accidentally plant a tall species in front of a short species and then not be able to see the behind plant when they’ve grown to full height. Also, choosing plants of varying height will make your garden much more interesting and will generally be more pleasing to the eye.

Finally, texture is another great way to create interest. Choose species with varying sized leaves and flowers. A simple way of doing this is by including grass, bushes, flowering plants and trees into your garden. Again, this will make your garden much more visually pleasing.

Include Some Natives

If you’re unsure as to what species to plant in your garden or if you want your garden to be low-maintenance, why not plant some native species. Natives will generally grow strong and healthy without much assistance. In Australia, there are so many exquisite natives to choose from, including grasses, bushes, trees and flowers.

Add Baskets and Pots

A cheap, effective and low maintenance way of adding variety and texture to your garden is scattering some pots and hanging some baskets around your front and back doors. Not only will the plants within them add interest, choosing pots of various sizes, shapes and colours will add another layer of intrigue. For the hanging baskets, opt for some species of ivy or ferns, which will grow and hang out over the sides and trail down. For the pots, you don’t just have to place them in rows. Try clumping them together, placing the smaller plants at the front.

Need Help?

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