How to Keep Your Glass Pool Fence Crystal Clear

Glass or balustrade glass fencing is an excellent option for enclosing your pool. Glass satisfies all of the pool fencing regulations while still allowing your pool to be a focal point of your backyard. There’s nothing quite like the clean, luxurious look that glass offers and it’s also a surprisingly durable option.

Other benefits of a glass pool fence are:

  • Glass is resistant to both rust and rot, especially when you choose a high-quality tempered grade of glass. This means that once it’s installed, it can theoretically last forever.
  • In addition to glass’ ability to withstand rust and rot, it is also weather-resistant. It doesn’t matter how hot, cold or wet the weather, glass will remain unaffected – no warping, cracking, staining or splitting.
  • Glass offers the ultimate in safety for pool fencing. Unlike timber, stone or metal options, there are no footholds for kids and pets to climb, thereby potentially landing themselves in danger.
  • Glass captures and reflects light, creating a beautiful interplay and an endlessly interesting visual spectacle. Whether it’s reflecting the light of the sun, lights in the pool or just the exterior lighting in your backyard, glass will pay for itself when you see the dazzling effect.

But, there is one thing you have to deal with when it comes to glass fencing – the cleaning. Here are some professional tips on the ways to keep your beautiful glass fencing smudge and grime free.

Start off With a Good Hose Down

Trying to wipe away dirt and grime before you’ve removed loose debris is like using a wet cloth to clean a surface you haven’t dusted – you’ll just make it worse. A quick hose is an easy way to remove any light dirt and make the rest of the cleaning steps easier.

Try to Hose Regularly

If you hose down your fence on a regular basis, you’ll avoid the build-up that requires more stubborn cleaning. But, if you come across any sections that just won’t budge, there’s one easy solution. Window cleaners all swear by the power of scrunched up newspaper. The sharp edges are abrasive enough to remove any grime, without scratching or altering the surface of the glass.

A Bucket of the Old Hot ‘N’ Soapy

The only chemical required to keep your glass looking perfect is detergent. There’s no need to invest in anything more complicated or harsh. In fact, commercial grade detergents and cleaners can actually make your glass streakier and harder to clean.

Once you’ve got your bucket of water and detergent, work methodically from panel to panel, and from top to bottom. Once you’ve finished a panel, get a special microfibre cloth or a ‘squeegee’ to remove any streaks.

Don’t Forget The Railings and Fittings

A good glass pool fence will include marine grade stainless steel fixings. This means you can use Hot ‘N’ Soapy to clean the fixings as well. However, if you don’t undertake regular cleaning, grime can build up to the point where it’s impossible to remove. If you need anything tougher, only use newspaper and never an abrasive cloth.

If you forget to clean the railings and fittings, it won’t matter how clean the glass is, the overall appearance of the pool fence will be detracted by specked and rusty stainless steel.

When You’re All Done, Get The Hose Out Again

Make sure to get the hose out before any detergent dries. If the detergent dries, you’ll have to go through the whole process again as you’ll be left with horrible white streaks. So, once you’ve done a precursory ‘squeegee’, use the hose to remove any leftover detergent. Then, do a further once-over with the ‘squeegee’ for that perfect, streak-free finish.

It’s All About Regular Maintenance

The more you clean, the easier the job will be. If you attack the job every couple of months, it could take a whole day. If clean every couple of weeks, you’ll only have to spend an hour tops. Also, it pays to be aware of any soiling due to things such as bird droppings, salt and even pool chemicals, because if they are allowed to settle on the structure, they can be corrosive.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to enjoy a sparkling glass pool fence all year round. Glass fencing is an incredible advantage for your property, and will definitely add value when it comes time to sell.