How To Build A Fence From Scratch

Step 1 Planning Materials

  • Posts 100 x 100mm x 1.8m H4 treated rough sawn
  • Palings 150 x 19 H3.2 treated rough sawn OR 150 x 25 H3.2
  • Rails 75 x 50mm x 4.8m H3.2 treated rough sawn OR 100 x 50mm x 4.8m H3.2 treated
  • Concrete (either builders mix and cement at a ratio of 6: 1, pre-mixed easy set)
  • Galvanised 100mm flat head
    nails (to fix rails)
  • Galvanised fencing nails
    annular groove 500g 60mm
  • Pegs
  • Coach screws (for attaching
    rails to posts in high wind
  • Baton purlin screws 100mm
  • Concrete blocks for the
    bottom of holes

Step 2 Fencing Layout/Dig Holes

Set Out

  • Decide your height and choose your posts to suit.
  • Use 100mm x 100mm h4 treated rough sawn.
  • Space them 2m apart.

Dig Holes

  • Dig holes with a spade or post hole borer to a depth of 600mm.
  • Clear out any loose material in the holes

Step 3 Brace The Posts

  • Move your stringline from the centre of the post holes, to
    50mm away from where the face of your posts will sit.
  • Then position every post 50mm off the string line, which will be straight.
  • Once you are happy with the placement of the posts you can
    continue to the next step


Step 4 Concrete Posts

  • Next, measure up and draw yourself a plan,
    then work out your materials and order them.
  • Mix concrete as per instructions on the bag.
    Pour the concrete around the posts carefully.
  • After 24 hours the braces can be removed.

Step 5 Fence Rails

  • Rails J Mark the position of the rails on your
    posts with a chalk line.

  • Keep rails 150mm up from the bottom and
    150mm down from the top.

  • Use two rails for fences up to 1200mm high.
    Use three rails for fence heights above
    1200mm. Use 100 x 50mm H3.2 treated
    rails, and for spans under 1.8m use 75 x
    50mm H3.2 treated rails.

  • If your ground is uneven, find the highest
    point and measure up the post from that
    point for your bottom rail.

  • Rails can be fixed either between the posts or
    to the face of the post depending on fence

Step 6 Palings/Final Touches

  • Fix palings to rails with galvanised fencing
    nails. Our boards are 25mm thick, so we’re
    using 75mm nails. Use 2 nails in each rail so
    that’s 6 nails per paling. Place them 25mm
    from each side.

  • Place a paling on the ground and sit your
    palings on top of the board. This will help
    you keep them from touching the ground

  • Push the palings tightly together as you nail
    them, as they will shrink. Use a hammer and
    chisel to force the boards as close together
    as you can.

  • Cut palings to height. Flick a chalk
    line as a guide and use a circular saw.
    It’s a good idea to screw a board to
    the fence to use as a guide, this will
    give you a nice straight line.

  • Cut tops off posts on a slight angle
    using a handsaw. This helps the water
    drain off the post

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