Choosing A Good Fencing Contractor

Some homeowners are handy people and like to undertake fence installation by themselves as a project. To some this is easy, but for the majority of people, choosing a good fencing contractor is your best option. A good company can ensure the fence meets council regulations, Australian Standards and is structurally sound.

This is especially true when a pool fence is needed to be installed, it’s very important that you hire the right contractor to ensure you meet the laws and regulations that exist in your area. Without this, it could lead to big problems down the road. Before giving us a call, it’s a good idea to have an idea of what you need. This will allow you to give us the proper information on what you need to be done. Things to consider before calling us:

  • What type of fence do you need? We specialise in all types of fencing from pool fencing, security fencing, steel fencing, Colorbond fencing, aluminium slat fencing and wrought iron fencing. We don’t touch timber or wood fencing anymore.
  • Where do you need the fence built? This is very important as it can directly affect what style of fence you will need, for boundary fences you can use colourbond but for front a fence, people choose steel or aluminium slat for better looking.
  • When do you want the job to start? What area you are in. We specialise in fencing around hoppers crossing, Werribee, Geelong, and most places cross great Melbourne area.

Our Costs

Normally we charge by the metre, this means that if you have a rough meterage ready we can give you a rough quote quite quickly. Now if you don’t, don’t panic we will come on site and give you a free measure and quote. Even you tell us a rough size we will go on-site prior to construction of the fence anyway.

Typically, fencing costs between $70 and $250 per meter depending on style and height. We will generally quote with labour included and we don’t charge a call-out fee unless you need us to come in and do a repair.

There can sometimes be extra costs involved in certain situations. This is mainly due to the terrain and difficulty of the job.

Advantages of Choosing Us

We will be the first to say that we may not be the cheapest fencing contractor around, however we promise to deliver a great product at a fair price. We have been in the industry for over 15 years, our employees are all licensed and have been working for 20 + years. The wealth of knowledge plus our product gives you a product you desire. We promise that our price will be fair and if you can find someone that gives you a comparable quote we will beat it by 5%, but that is on the basis that it must be comparable in terms of design and material.