Winter Home Maintenance Tips & Tricks

As tempting as it is to spend all the winter months bundled up in the warmth of the indoors, you should try not to neglect your property, especially since winter can bring with it a unique set of challenges when it comes to maintaining your home.

Here are our Winter home maintenance tips and tricks to keep your property in the best shape possible so that when the warmer months come around you won’t regret having neglected it.

Concreting Tips

Despite its general durability, concrete is at its most vulnerable during the winter months. Heavy rains combined with the freezing cold can cause concrete to crack, discolour and corrode, which can be unsightly and difficult to drive over. It can also be very expensive to repair, which is why it’s always a much better idea to prevent any damage to concrete.

Before winter, you should seal your concrete which will not only help prevent discolouration and corrosion, but will seal the tiny pores that water gets into and causes cracks when it freezes. Just make sure to seal it before winter so that you’re prepared for what’s to come.

You should also make sure that you keep your concrete relatively clean by cleaning any spills or stains – like gas or petrol – straight away.

Gardening Tips

Many people think that winter leaves your garden looking sad and bare, but with the right knowledge this can be far from the truth.

Try to protect any young trees you may have growing by wrapping the stems or trunks in wire, which will prevent them from being eaten by any insects or animals.

A lot of plants shed leaves and twigs during the winter months, especially if you have any deciduous plants, but you can actually use this to your advantage by gathering it all together and creating your own mulch or using twigs as kindling for your fire.

Winter is also a great time to start a veggie garden as many edible plant varieties thrive in the cooler months.

Landscaping Tips

Similar to people’s misconceptions about gardening, you can use winter to your advantage when landscaping to create a beautiful and magical space.

The trick is to know what species of plants and trees to add to your property that will thrive in winter. Birch trees are a great way of adding interest and will work with your garden throughout the rest of the year as well. With a large variety to choose from, they can be incorporated into practically any yard.

Berries are a great way of adding a bit of colour to a drab and dismal season and also have the added bonus of usually attracting colourful birdlife. That way, you’re adding new life to your yard in more ways than one.

Winter can also be a great time to focus on adding ‘hardscapes’ to your garden – things like benches, chairs, sculptures and fountains. It’s easy to get caught up in a continuous cycle of planting and maintaining the foliage of your yard during the majority of the year, but hardscapes can add a lot to any space. Use the downtime of winter to consider what you could add to your property to enhance it.

Decking Tips

If you have a timber deck, you should be aware that the winter months can take a serious toll on it if you’re not careful. Since it’s unlikely you’ll be wanting to use it very often for entertainment or leisure purposes, winter is a great opportunity to give it some well-needed servicing.

Start by spot cleaning it with a broom and dustpan, keeping an eye out for any grime, mud, stains or plant material. Next, hose it down with a high-pressure cleaning tool and then let it dry out for a day or two. Once it’s dry, treat your deck with a new coat of stain or sealant, which will help to keep your deck protected from the harsh elements.

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