Why You Should Consider a Vertical Garden

Have you been thinking about whether you should install a vertical garden? Read on to find out why you should!

Vertical gardens are all the rage at the moment. But beyond being trendy, they are a welcome addition to any outdoor space (and sometimes even indoor spaces) for a variety of reasons. From increasing your quality of life by purifying the air you breathe to allowing even the smallest apartment balconies to incorporate some greenery into the space, there’s no reason you shouldn’t install a vertical garden.

Create Your Own Slice of Paradise

Obviously one of the main reasons why people want to install a vertical garden is because of the beauty and aesthetic pleasure they bring. As well as adding some lush greenery to an area, they’re also visually and spatially interesting, drawing your eye upwards, unlike most garden beds which are below eye level. By adding this kind of ‘curb side appeal’ to your home, you can also increase its value.

One of the best things about vertical gardens is their customisability. This includes: the type of frame or scaffolding you use, from steel to timber, the kinds of plants you incorporate, and where you have your vertical wall. You can even make use of an already-existing space, like a wall, fence or rail, to create your vertical garden. Basically, when it comes to designing and installing your vertical garden, the sky’s the limit – quite literally!

They’re Space Efficient

Even the smallest, cosiest outdoor spaces can fit a vertical garden, which makes them perfect for jazzing up even micro gardens, courtyards or balconies. The very nature of vertical gardens means that they grow upwards instead of taking up a lot of square footage that you might not have to spare. Utilising this otherwise empty space is transforms disregarded space and turns it into an aesthetically pleasing and creatively stimulating decorative element.

Increase Your Privacy

If you have nosy neighbours, live on a traffic-heavy street or would like to generally increase your home’s privacy, you can grow a vertical garden to create a decorative privacy screen. They can also help to soundproof your home by creating a barrier which muffles excessive noise.

Using a vertical garden in this way can be particularly beneficial for houses and apartments which are in close proximity to neighbours or other buildings.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Vertical gardens are environmentally sustainable for myriad reasons. They require a lot less water than traditional gardens. This is because they can utilise a drip irrigation system or a hydroponic system. These systems allow your vertical garden to get all the water they need while collecting any excess in a tray which can then be recycled back into the garden. On top of this, there’s no danger of any polluted runoff draining into stormwater systems.

Vertical gardens also have a reduced need for chemicals and pesticides because many pests are unable to access vertical gardens. The air circulation of a vertical garden also means that your plants are much less likely to suffer from mildew, fungus or any other diseases which would usually require chemicals to fix.

Insulate Your Home

Vertical gardens can make your home more energy efficient by providing a layer of thermal insulation. This is because the plants, as well as the structure they’re on, create a barrier through which the sun and its heat are unable to penetrate. A vertical garden can even cool your home by up to ten degrees! This can help reduce your air conditioning use. This, in turn, not only helps the environment but can help you save money by reducing your electricity bills.

Improve Air Quality

No matter whether your vertical garden is indoors or outdoors, it can help to improve your home’s air quality. This is because plants are natural air filters that help to purify the air by removing volatile organic compounds. They do this by feeding on carbon dioxide and transforming it into oxygen.

This process can help to offset your carbon emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. Moreover, breathing in purified air is much better for your health in the long run.

Everlast Services’ Vertical Gardens

If you’re itching to install a vertical home into your garden, courtyard or apartment balcony, Everlast Services can help. No matter what the size or style, we can install the perfect green wall or vertical garden. It will create an eye-catching landscape design that adds an extra level elegance and edge to your home.

Simply contact us today and we can provide you with a free measure and quote.