The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining and Cleaning a Deck

Are you looking for the ultimate guide to cleaning and maintaining your deck? Then you’ve come to the right place. Everlast Services has all the tips and tricks you need to get your deck looking as good as new.

Installing a deck can be a big investment, which is why you want to ensure that you properly clean it and maintain it. That way, you can ensure that your deck continues to look good and stay safe for as long as possible, making your investment worthwhile.

Not only does a properly cleaned and maintained deck look far better than a neglected and unsightly one, you can also help to ensure that it remains safe and functional. Moreover, maintaining your deck can greatly improve your home’s value.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Deck

Ideally, you should clear away any superficial dirt and debris from your deck every week, and you should give your deck a thorough clean every season. Ideally, you should try to clean your deck on a dry, rain-free day.

Here’s how to thoroughly clean your deck.


The first step you need to take when cleaning your deck is sweeping away any dirt or debris, like leaves or twigs, with a broom. Doing this often will prevent any build-up, which can otherwise damage your deck.

If the dirt is stubborn, try using a stronger bristled brush and some water.

High Pressure Clean

Next, use a high pressure cleaner to wash away any remaining dirt or patches of particularly stubborn grit and grime. Carefully and methodically ensure that you go over the entire deck.

If your deck is old, make sure that the pressure isn’t so intense that the timber cracks or splits.

High pressure cleaners can be bought or rented at most hardware stores. Make sure that when you use a high pressure cleaner you priorities your safety by wearing closed shoes, safety glasses and earmuffs.

If you don’t have access to a high pressure cleaner, a hose will do the job in a pinch. But just keep in mind that you will need a high pressure cleaner later on in the cleaning process.

Use Deck Cleaning Solution

Following the instructions to ensure you achieve the right ratio, mix your deck cleaner with water. Ensure that you’re using a measuring cup or jug to be able to accurately measure the proportions and thoroughly mix the deck cleaner and water in a bucket or container. Make sure that you are wearing safety glasses, gloves and a mask while using deck cleaner to ensure your health and safety.

Scrub Away

Dipping a broom in the deck cleaner mixture, begin to scrub your deck. Just like when you used the high pressure cleaner, ensure that you methodically and carefully scrub every part of the deck in order to avoid spotting or patchiness. Be careful to not get any mixture on any plants or flora around your deck.

After you have thoroughly scrubbed your deck with the mixture, leave it for 10 to 20 minutes, or as long as the instructions tell you to.

High Pressure Clean (Again)

Once the deck cleaning mixture has been sitting for no longer than 20 minutes, grab your high pressure cleaner again. Use it to wash away any dirt or grime that has come loose as well as the deck cleaning solution. Once you have achieved this, leave your deck to dry.

Stain or Oil It

Now that you have completed the deck cleaning process, you can choose to stain or oil it, which can help to protect your deck from the elements and ensure its longevity.

Finally, you can step back and admire the beauty of your freshly cleaned deck.

Need Help?

If your deck is looking worse for wear and even the most intense and thorough clean isn’t enough to bring it back to its formal glory, you should consider replacing your deck. This is essential if your deck is especially old, has undergone significant damage, has termites or is rotting in any way. If this is the case, not only is your deck detracting from the aesthetic of your home, but it is likely a safety hazard.

The decking experts at Everlast Services can replace your deck and provide you with the perfect place to enjoy a summer barbeque with friends and family. We only use the highest quality materials and are known for our consistently exceptional workmanship and craftsmanship. When you choose Everlast Services, you can rest assured that your deck will look fantastic for years to come while also adding value to your home.

To inquire about replacing your deck, contact us today for a free measure and quote.