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Types of swimming pool fencing explained

Types of Pool Fencing Explained

If you’re going to have a pool in your backyard, you need to do your research on fences. Australian Standards and regulations provide explicit instructions as to the type of fence you need to have around your pool. Failure to adhere to these swimming pool fencing regulations could mean that the pool you were so excited

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Swimming pool fencing checklist

The Ultimate Pool Fence Safety Checklist

In this big brown country there’s nothing we like more than having a swim. Remember at school when summer would come around and whoever had a backyard pool would suddenly become the most popular kid at school? Well, having a backyard pool is a great thing, not only to spend hot days in but also

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SP1 - Level Double Bar Spear Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing Regulations Explained

Understanding and abiding by swimming pool fencing regulations is incredibly important. Drowning is the most common cause of death in children under five and, last year, more than 40 people drowned in a backyard pool. Following fencing regulations is one way to reduce the number of these deaths. In addition, the penalties for not ensuring

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