Summer Gardening Tips to Keep You Growing in the Heat

Summer means vacations, water parks, beaches. Most importantly, it means heat! If the sun is too hot for us, then we can assume it is too hot for your garden as well. Plants need the sun in order to grow to their full potential, but overexposure can be as harmful as no sun at all. Fortunately, Everlast Services is here to help!

Keep soil evenly moist.

Moist soil will protect roots from the heat and provide plants. The best method is to use irrigation hoses that feed a gentle flow of water directly to the soil surface evenly and continuously.


Covering your garden with a thick mulch protects from the sun and helps the soil retain moisture and nutrients. Mulch can also be used in winter when you want to protect against harsh cold. It retains heat when it is cold and stays cool when it’s hot.

Weed your garden.

Removing weeds reduces competition for the limited moisture and nutrients in soil. Let your flowers and vegetables take advantage of all they can get by reducing the competition caused by weeds and unwanted vegetation.

Shade against direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight is harmful to your plants and soil. Luckily, there is a simple solution. Shade! This can be accomplished with a shade shield. Simply hang a cloth from a line stretched between 2 posts.

Keep up to date on your local weather.

This one is easy. Keep close attention to the weather in your area at least weekly. Knowing when there may be a heat wave will give you time to protect your garden and may end up saving all your hard work!

Every season comes with a challenge, and summer doesn’t hold back. We need to take care of our gardens. At Everlast Services, we want you to get the most beautiful plants!