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This modern-styled home needed a modern entrance, and Everlast Services delivered.

Exposed Aggregate Pathway and Drive

The exposed aggregate pathway and driveway offers on functionality and aesthetics. Exposed aggregate is incredibly durable because it made of concrete. The power of concrete means that your initial investment will last for decades.

On top of that, concrete also requires no maintenance. You don’t have to worry about replacing or repairing anything, and all you have to do is hose it down now and then and seal it every ten years.

The best thing about exposed aggregate is that it offers a visual element to the driveway and path. The one knock on concrete is that it can get a little bland, you’ll never get this with exposed aggregate, and the textured surface bounces off the polished fence and gate material, and the slightly smoother rendered surface of the façade.

Aluminium Slats Sliding Gate

The sliding gate is not only a secure access point for this family home but also a design piece. The owners wanted a material that would work with the façade of their house, and their first choice was hardwood. However, they were worried about the price and maintenance involved.

Upon learning about aluminium slats, the owners realised they had found the perfect material. Our slats look exactly like hardwood, except; they are cheaper, they last longer, and they require absolutely no maintenance.

The sliding gate option meant they could have a gate that spanned the width of their driveway, without it taking up any space when it was open. We also added an automatic motor to it, which makes it even easier to use.

Aluminium Slat Front Fence

We used the same aluminium slat material for the front fence, for all the reasons listed above and for the privacy and security it offers. We spaced each slat to ensure that no one could climb it, while also ensuring that the slats would allow enough natural light in without compromising on privacy.

A complete blackout front fence creates some problems. Firstly, it can make it difficult to grow anything along the fence line and secondly, it often creates a dead, mossy patch that can become very unsightly over time. It can also create a claustrophobic feeling, which is why the spacing is perfect at letting the right amount of the outside world in.

All of the elements come together perfectly to create an amazing entrance, that is marked by simplicity, texture and contrast. The owners are thrilled with the finished product, and we know it will bring them many years of enjoyment.

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