Point Cook Decking, Landscaping & Concreting

We’re sure you’ll agree: this Point Cook decking, landscaping and concreting project looks such fantastic!

This home in Point Cook has just been taken to the next level thanks to the Everlast Services team. We were able to provide a complete makeover to the backyard and front yard of this home, enabling everything surrounding the house to reflect and complement the house itself.



Starting in the front yard, we implemented a unique design in the form of using decking as steps leading up the front door. Not only are these steps practical, we lay them in a way that reflects the geometric architecture of the home. The beautiful timber we used for these platforms is also able to stand out thanks to the incredibly lush turf we also laid in the front yard.

In the backyard, we created a beautiful deck that will serve as the perfect entertaining spot in summer. Surrounded by bright, freshly laid turf, this deck provides the perfect backyard sanctuary for friends and family to gather on and share a meal. The decision for the back deck to be made out of the same material and design as the front steps also creates a sense of cohesion throughout the house’s exterior.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

We also lay some stunning exposed aggregate concrete for the house’s driveway, which creates a clean and sophisticated look. The choice of aggregate concrete was particularly smart since the driveway is on a slight incline and the exposed aggregate will help to prevent slipping in wet weather. We also poured this aggregate concrete down the blind side of the house, creating the perfect slip-proof footpath that ensures the exterior of the house is elegant from all angles.

We are so happy to have made this home’s owners’ dreams come true with our impeccable workmanship and incredibly high standards.

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