Landscaping and Concreting – Before and After

A few simple touches have completely revolutionised this front yard. As you can see, the old frontage wasn’t doing everything it could to sell the features of the home. The new design works with the current façade to lift it and make it pop from the street.

The first task involved creating a new driveway. We went with painted concrete because it looks incredible and is both cost-effective and low-maintenance – something the homeowner was looking for. The deep blue works perfectly with the rendered façade as well as the patch of synthetic turf.

This family will be able to enjoy their driveway for years, and all it will require is a sweep and hose down every now and then to look good as you new. We gave it a premium seal so that colour won’t fade and no matter what the weather throws at it, we know that concrete won’t crack.

Low Maintenance Garden Design

We created a nice little garden bed out of mulch and planted some hardy species in there. Again, low-maintenance is key, and those little plants will grow to create an impressive front garden with little to no effort needed from the owners.

The use of pebble and stepping stones provides a nice little path around the side of the house. Pebble mix is an excellent choice for paths because unlike gravel, it will stay put. The stones are too heavy to be kicked out of place. So, the owners don’t have to worry about sweeping the path back into place every time someone walks up it.

Our stone masons got to work building a beautiful raised level for the yard. The synthetic turf is the perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality. While their neighbours’ lawns are turning brown and weedy in the summer, theirs will still look perfect.

All in all, a great job from our entire team. Another happy customer and proof of the difference a bit of landscaping can make.

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